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    Is anyone able to help me with this issue?



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    Our site has recently been hacked. Can I confirm with you that I can simply delete the timthumb.php file and this wont break anything? I am using Display and Newscast.


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    Great thank you!

    This post fixed my first issue (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) -categories-newscast#post-15798

    And the pagination worked a treat :)

    Thanks for your prompt help !!

    This post has also solved my issue that I posted earlier today!

    I also have the problem of the pagination at the bottom of the front page that links to “Nothing Found”. Archive pages are fine, just not the front page.

    Can we turn off pagination JUST for the front page?

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    Can I remove pagination from the front page?

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    I found this article but I am not sure if I like the sound of changing the WP code… (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -crop-position-in-wordpress/

    I don’t understand why the edit image / crop facility within wordpress doesn’t work ??



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    Hi Dude,

    I am having this problem also…

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    Fantastic Thanks!!

    in reply to: Navigation above slider… missing? How do I turn it on? #38221

    No worries…. just waiting on a reply to my question now LOL :)

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    I did find that strange too but it didn’t seem to matter what I chose there.

    Just make sure you create the ‘first’ and ‘second’ menus, and that you have added at least one menu item to each menu eg. a custom link.. oh.. and save the menu.

    If that doesn’t work I am sure Dude will be along to help soon :)



    in reply to: Navigation above slider… missing? How do I turn it on? #38217

    I was just checking to see if my question has been answered.. but I can help with yours :)

    Here is the information in the documentation that came with the template.. you basically need to make your menus

    B 2) Setting up the Menus of your site – top

    The theme has space for two different menus that can be created with the new WordPress3 Menu Manager. You can find the menu manager at appearance-> Menu

    To set up the menus create 2 new menus and enter the Name “First” at Menu Name. This Menu will populate the small top menu. Save that and create another Menu that is called “Second”, this one will controll the bigger menu below.

    Now before you add any menu items take a look at the top right of your browser window: you will find The “Howdy admin and Logout link” Directly below you can see the “screen options” tab. Click that tab and a panel with additional options will open. Check the checkbox in “Show advanced menu properties” that says “Description”

    Now set up your menus. If you add Menu Items to the “First” Menu you dont need to fill in the description. It wont get displayed. However the Second menus top level items display the description directly bellow the Menu Item title in your front end.

    Attention: you might need to delete some pre filled descriptions if you use pages in the second menu, since wordpress adds a content excerpt automatically to those items. Just remove that and enter a very short description of 2-7 words

    Note: If you purchased this item before wordpress 3 was released and update it you will see that my very own “old” Menu Manager is gone now in favor of the new wordpress Menu Manager and you need to re-enter your menus here. Sorry for that ;)

    in reply to: Category Menu Layout #37901

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Dude!

    I have it working now.. The style needed to be applied to the anchor element so I used the following code – just in case anyone else needs it!

    .catnav>li:last-child a{

    border-right: 1px solid #fff;


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    Dude.. are you able to tell me how to style this?



    in reply to: Category Menu Layout #37898


    It is locked behind a firewall at work until they are ready to launch it. SUCH A BUGGER!

    I have actually got it to spread out now.. Probably not the best way.. I have just fiddled with sizes. I need however to hide the right border on the last menu item (so it looks like it is flowing). I can’t work out how to syle it in the CSS. I am thinking if i turn it white it would hide..

    The syle adding the right hand border on all 2nd menu is this

    .catnav li a{


    border-right:1px solid #aaa;

    text-shadow:1px 1px 0px #fff;


    I need to make the border white for … id=”menu-item-190″

    I have tried this .. but it just adds a border beside the grey one

    #menu-item-190 {

    border-right: 1px solid #990000; /*RED to see if it works.*/


    How can I override the .catnav li a , on the link with id=”menu-item-190″



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