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    I’m reaching a point where I’m getting more frustrated working with this theme & questioning the value… I LOVE how it looks, but the Image Gallery issue is HUGE.

    1. If I don’t have images in the image gallery, the Related Posts within the blog pages have a big blank square w/ magnifying glass in them.

    2. If I can’t use the image gallery, and try to put an image into the page itself, I end up with the white page background and a title that I don’t want (for my home page).

    3. The Save Changes button within the Image gallery is ever present, but the “…then close the window and update the gallery preview” button constantly disappears, forcing me to X out of the image gallery, click Upload, click Gallery, and then hit Save Changes and “close the window” button (why it works then and not the first time I upload an image, I haven’t a clue.)

    4. And sometimes the Image Gallery works and I can actually see the image as background on the page, and sometimes it doesn’t. Like just now, I tried to change the image and use a different one. It worked with the old image, but now is broken with the new one.

    Super frustrated and I know that you all are great at helping here, but… I am wasting so much time coming back here for issues that a lot of other things I need to do for my business are getting shoved aside. :(

    Is there ANYTHING that can be done about this situation? I haven’t changed anything within my WP to make this happen (plugins, etc.)

    Thanks for any insight, help, etc. As I said, I love how my theme looks, but the frustration with it is just reaching an unacceptable point.

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    Buggers… I looked there, didn’t see anything, so I used the search tool. The search results show .htaccess directly in my public_html folder, however… it’s not there when I view the folder. I’m at a loss…

    in reply to: Sidebar & how to use it? #93779

    Followed your advice:

    1) Done

    2) Done

    3) Not worrying about that right now

    I cleared cache, etc. and the page I’m testing is still not showing a sidebar. In the Widgets, I have Archives under Displayed Everywhere Right Sidebar. Should I have put it elsewhere? “Displayed Everywhere Sidebar”, “Displayed Everywhere Left Sidebar”, “Sidebar Page”, “Sidebar Blog”.

    in reply to: The image gallery is broken #92175

    Where would the htaccess file be located? I’m still having issues with the Image Gallery and none of the things you mentioned have occurred.

    in reply to: Social_bookmarks – where is the code located? #63773

    NM… It somehow resolved itself. Just took a while. :)

    in reply to: Social_bookmarks – where is the code located? #63772

    Coming back to this… I took the same images, swapped the color in Photoshop, and uploaded them to the appropriate folder just now. Color didn’t change. I deleted the images from both the dark and minimal skins. Still there on my page in the old color. I did a search in my file manager for the deleted files – they didn’t show up. I am baffled. I’m just trying to change the color and I can’t figure out why despite deleting, uploading the new, making sure the names weren’t being used elsewhere on file manager… Nothing is changing – they have remained the same color as previously.

    It was so simple the first time I did this 8 months ago… Why would it be difficult now? :(

    in reply to: RELATED POSTS #54497

    Bump in case it was missed…

    in reply to: The image gallery is broken #92170

    I’ve been having this same problem, too. Started up a few days ago…

    in reply to: RELATED POSTS #54496

    Hmm, I did a search for Related Posts and this was as close to the answer as I could come up with. Except, well, set gallery image? Can you please walk me through this? Right now, I don’t have the images uploaded via Flashlight’s Image Gallery. I’ve been having problems with it (images don’t show up). Is this where the image has to be in order to be set for the Related Post image? If so, it didn’t work… I uploaded to the Image Gallery, refreshed the blog page that had the related post link, and no image.

    Sorry if I’m being an idiot about this, but I’d love for it to work since I just started using tags and this (related posts) showed up when I did. :)

    Thanks a bunch!


    in reply to: Lines on comments under blog posts… #90629

    And worked perfectly. :) Thanks again! Love the support you all give us!


    in reply to: Lines on comments under blog posts… #90628

    Thanks, Mya! Will give it a go right now.

    in reply to: Downloaded 1.7, but can't install… #90967

    Excellent, thanks Mya!

    in reply to: Dark-skin issue? #90976

    Worked like a charm, thanks so much!!!

    in reply to: Dark-skin issue? #90974

    Excellent, will try this right now!

    in reply to: Downloaded 1.7, but can't install… #90965

    Ismael, you replied to my other post and since I’m not sure if this is a piece of the puzzle to my other question… I figured since you tagged yourself there, I would tag you here, too. If you can help with this question, as well, I’d appreciate it!

    in reply to: Dark-skin issue? #90972

    Thank you so much, Ismael! I’ve switched it to the dark skin as you requested. Appreciate any help you can give me. Again, thanks!


    in reply to: Dark-skin issue? #90970

    Is there a way to get an answer to this? I see other posts being replied to… :(

    in reply to: Downloaded 1.7, but can't install… #90964

    Bump. :)

    in reply to: Dark-skin issue? #90969

    Any ideas? Would really like to be able to revamp my site, but have to wait until I get some help. Thanks!

    Might not be helpful, but for my clients, I create a password-protected page and email them the direct link. Not quite what you want, as I suspect you want one page for all clients, enter their password and be taken to their respective page. But hey, it’s a workaround. :)


    in reply to: Downloaded 1.7, but can't install… #90963

    Found another thread and realized I was trying to upload the entire zip file from themeforest. Opened it and found the However, new problem. Won’t let me install since I already have a folder the same name.

    Destination folder already exists. /home/kscooley/public_html/wp-content/themes/flashlight/

    Is there a way around this without taking my site down?

    in reply to: Social_bookmarks – where is the code located? #63771

    Oh even better – I didn’t have to touch the code at all after downloading. Simply used the IconSweets icons in my brand color and uploaded them with the file name already in place in the CSS file. YEAH! :)

    in reply to: Social_bookmarks – where is the code located? #63770

    Ahhh, that explains why I could not find it. Thanks so much, Dude! :)

    in reply to: Main Menu Image Issue and Portfolio Issue #60733

    I’m having issues myself. I went to my home page and deleted the image I had uploaded there, as I wanted all backgrounds to be the default background under theme settings. No matter what I do, despite no images being attached to the page, it is not defaulting to the background images under settings.

    Actually, now that I deleted the image from my home page, not one page (excluding my Portfolio page) is defaulting to the background gallery in settings. I’m puzzled.

    Thanks for any help.

    in reply to: Slow loading slideshow #60920

    Thanks, Dude. I’ll make sure my images are that size. The first time I loaded the live preview for Flashlight, it was super fast for me – not the amount of time it takes my page’s initial load.

    Appreciate the help! :)

    in reply to: Slow loading slideshow #60918

    I changed the slideshow since I last posted and only have one image. Since I did that, the whole thing loads quick. It’s when I add multiple images to the slideshow that it comes to a screeching halt on an initial visit. Only the menu loads quick with multiple images in the slideshow.

    If the overall page shouldn’t be more than 800kb, I assume that would include all of the images used in the slideshow? I’m trying to figure out if I need to resize the slideshow images to speed up the initial load. What size are they on the live preview here:

    Thanks, Dude. :)

    in reply to: Slow loading slideshow #60916

    Any ideas?

    in reply to: Possible to change tab colors? #59608

    Awesome, thanks Chris! I’ll give that a try. :)

    – Karen

    ETA – Perfect! Worked like a charm. Thanks so much!!

    in reply to: Making Page Width Wider #54628

    Perfect! I was just looking for this info here and couldn’t find it through search. (Was checking for content width, not page.) Added the code, adjusted and it works like a charm. Thanks, Dude!

    Well, resized to 180 width and voila, it looks perfect now. Thanks again!

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