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  • HI Victoria, they are fine, as I had to upload them in a bigger size. in 800x800px, the big files look good, but the small previews not (found this solution in the forum). Obviously, this slows down my website though. I have installes super cache and removed all unused rendered image sizes. Is there any more I can do?

    Hi Victoria, thank you very much for those links, I actually know most of that.
    I have found a workaround in the meantime, installing a plugin that deletes all unnecessary rendered Images, and that has cut page loading by half. I will provide my login anyway, and maybe you have some tips on how I can still increase page loading? It still counts as a slow site .

    Hi, I am new to Enfold, and am setting up a photography website, and I have the same problem: the website is super slow.
    If I use medium size images, the Thumbnails in Lightroom are blurred, so at the moment I use 1500 x 1000, and have deactivated WordPress compression.
    I see that Enfold is still generating a huge amount of other sizes, but I can’t find the function.php to add this code.
    Can someone help lease?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)