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    OK – thanks for that Dude

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    Thanks Devin – I managed to find that page a while after I posted my query – I guess my question overlaps with issues of customization – so will have to do more sleuthing. Did want to ask however about modifying WooCommerce.- their documentation states that by installing a new separate woocommerce directory at the themes’s root – you can modify the WC template system – (something similar to the child theme concept) – have not tried this yet – but since I am working off a child theme to start with – does the same apply to it? – in other words – can I / should I install a woocommerce mirror directory in the child OR the parent ?? – I suppose experimentation would give me the answer – wanted to ask you in advance. All of this querying is related to my wanting to install custom options for matting. framing and glazing (glass) related to the sales of fine art prints – going to use Gravity Forms add-on for woocommerce to attempt to do this – again – all new to this – but starting to make sense….
    kind regards

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    Hi Devin
    Thanks for your reply Devin….

    To be honest I am new to both – Enfold and Woocommerce and have any number of questions – but the first – which is a primary one – is how a single product page works – within enfold theme. The single product page right now shows the image far too small – i am focusing on art prints – so how can i change the defaults

    – on the product page (set in woocommerce)
    – I set the product image – it allows me to insert it – but I have no options as to control its size it – (even in the popup media browser)
    – as a result it displays at 300px x 200px (1/3 width of page )
    – with an enormous section on right with title and reviews below (2/3 width of page)

    For starters i would like to reverse this – with image (at least) 2/3 the width of the page and Title and comments 1/3 width of page – or even below image of product – not sure where to begin to edit – I have a child theme installed and have background in basic php – pointers appreciated where to start.


    EDIT – I managed to track down config.php in the config-woocommerce folder – where your template uses grid system – managed to change the size of the art print image verses sidebar (changed echo “<div class=’four units,,,, TO “<div class=’eight units…. so next step would be inserting a art print framing options form (using Gravity Forms) – need to insert the hook in the right place – any pointers appreciated – BTW – did a comparison of your source of single product vs. woo-commerce defaults – obviously a lot of work has gone into your implementation – is there any documentation on your overall implementation – thanks in advance

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    Hi Devin
    So the “Enfold formatted single product page” is a different kettle of fish entirely – I did notice that it can be modified via child themes functions.php
    2 questions (1) can I / should I still install the pages from woo-commerce – if only to get a handle on modification of single product page template hierarchy and associated short-code – (2) by installing single product pages from woo-commerce – will this in any way overwrite enfolds settings – ie create a separate default?

    Ideally I would like to have several template options for single product pages – I am planning to use the the Gravity Forms Add-On – where I can create customised options. Thanks in advance for any pointers


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    FIXED – css selector:



    background-color: #b4b4b4 !IMPORTANT;



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    I am running Propulsion – just setting up on localhost. Seems there is no option to set:

    theme options > styling and check the “Big Slideshow Area” and “Header” settings ?? at least with the interface I see here –

    I simply want to set the background color of the slideshow container to that of the page background color:

    #b4b4b4; such that the image fades in from overall background color rather that the default white.

    I have tried a number of css selection schemes – and none seem to work – wondering if the color is determined by JavaScript

    Anyway want to change the white block that appears on page load of slideshow >>> to my target color: #b4b4b4;

    thanks in advance

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