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    Okay so I just discovered to get alt tag I have put info not in the ‘alt’ field but the ‘description’.

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    I’m having this same issue with alt tags. I’ve tried adding them from the media library tab, double-checked alt info is in there but when I check the page source it shows ALT=”” and only lists the title tag.

    I’ve tried: adding the image in the page editor, editing the image info I’d added in the page editor using the media library, and as stated above tried to directly add it in the media library and select it from the page editor. None of these work to get the alt tag displayed.

    Any advice?

    in reply to: CSS-Help needed: styling headlines with background stripes #57159

    you can do this kind of thing by slapping your h5 contents in a span and styling the span

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    This fix put the text/number area at the top of the page out of alignment. This fixed just the bottom ‘scroll to top’ alignment:

    .social_bookmarks a[href=”#top”] {

    display:block !important;


    edit: missed your last fix

    in reply to: Corona settings all gone when moving my blog #53676

    Any updates on this?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)