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    Oke.. tried the whole thing another time and now it works..

    Still stays weird.. it ain’t my first time editing a child theme :-P I’ve build a 100+ websites with Enfold ^_^

    anyway.. Thanks a lot! I was kinda desperate.. Good Mega menu option are hard to come by.. and this goes a long way :-)

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    Thanks!! That is awesome.. If I copy the code to my functions it results in a critical error tho :-(

    in reply to: Mega menu with Description & icon #1419882


    So to simplify my question.. is there a way to display both the Menu Title AND the description?

    in reply to: Mega menu with Description & icon #1419711

    at the moment the options to build really cool mega menu’s only seem to come from Elementor.. and I’m just to invested in Enfold to switch :-P

    in reply to: Feature/upgrade request: Pricing table #1350537

    I’ve seen a few pricing table builders but if you’re used to th Avia builder most other things are annoying usability wise

    in reply to: PHP8 issues #1332319

    Thanks Yigit!!

    if it was a bug that was triggered on every Enfold site out there no matter the server configuration it already would have been fixed of course.. Over the past years I probably build over 200 Enfold sites with my buddies and most of em are doing fine on php8..

    in reply to: PHP8 issues #1332003

    Ahh.. sorry.. forgot that one

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    in reply to: PHP8 issues #1331998

    Thanks Guenni.. but there’s no Child theme active.. I’m quite the experienced webdesigner (20+ years.. haha) :-P but I try to stay away from everything that’s code except CSS :-P

    I got another one.. discussed it with the client I can leave it crashed for today since it’s only a coming soon page

    in reply to: PHP8 issues #1331868

    Hi Yigit,

    Got no crashed one currently, it happens right after updating the theme tho.. I run into it again i’ll get back to you..


    My php skils kinda stink

    How would I format it to get
    Sent from: Page title ?

    This would be a good standard function btw.. usually in the websites that I build I put contact forms on every single page.. on the sites where this really matters to me I switched to Gravity Forms almost solely for this reason.. haha.. I should’ve searched a bit more maybe

    in reply to: social buttons broken with WP 5.3.1 update #1283953

    ow.. my bad.. i mean the social share buttons..

    Edit: uuuh.. okey.. I feel really stupid now.. it was AdGuard that removed the share icons :-P haha..

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    Sorry I see I didn’t reply anymore.. I probably got distracted while typing my reply ^_^

    But You’re correct.. the WC shortcode would work yes but it breaks the style and the ease of use is completely gone.. this would work for me but I woundn’t feel comfortable telling my clients to do this :-P

    in reply to: social buttons broken with WP 5.3.1 update #1283769

    Altright.. is this problem back yet again? I think all the site i’m working on which are all up to date have it.. Linkedin and Email survived the icon slaughter somehow :-P


    Interesting one ^_^ can you guys make it so if its an ALB page it opens in a new tab/window?

    I got a few clients that are getting funky with their Terms and Conditions.. and they actually try to make them understandable by human beings.. the current situation is neat.. people don’t leave the page so the chance that they get distracted while checking out is minimized.. but it doesn’t leave any room for other interpretations

    in reply to: ACF & Enfold – Post template builder? #1282259

    Have you watched the video? That makes the function I’d like to see in Enfold crystal clear..

    I know WP semantic structures.. no need to dive into that.. I’d like to see the same function that that video with Toolset & Gutenberg shows in Enfold of course with the ability to use custom fields

    in reply to: ACF & Enfold – Post template builder? #1281996

    Hi Mike, thanks for the reply.. but what I mean is a level up from posts.. I have noticed the locking feature.. but I have not run into a project yet where this would proof useful.. I like the direction of the thought behind it..but it is way to strict for the type of clients I have.. in larger organisations it might be useful tho..

    I just found that Toolset has build exactly what I’m looking for here (but for the Gutenberg editor)

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    Ha.. my reaction is even sloooower.. man…

    What I mean is that I would like the possibility to select 1 (or more) specific products or posts.. let’s say I have a book publishing company and I write a blog article with a bit of background on the book and the author and I want to insert that specific book into the blogpost.. Now I can do that by creating a tag or category for that purpose only and select that one as I insert the product grid (or masonry element) in the blogpost.. but it’s not very neat :-P and the taxonomies become very polluted if I’d make that a daily practice :-P can’t imagine Google liking that very much

    in reply to: ACF & Enfold – Post template builder? #1281560

    Sounds like a good function but I don’t think that’s what I mean..

    It’s kinda hard to explain maybe.. I would like to use the ALB one level up from the blog posts.. so I can design a standard format for all posts ( or per category or tag).. Now I got a whole bunch of clients who just use the standard WP text field only for their posts.. and they are content with that.. but lets be honest :-P the standard blog layout looks “kinda” outdated

    And since Gutenberg will most likely overtake Enfold within a year or two if things don’t progress this would be a very good addition.. taking that “super theme” game to the next level ^_^ and I’d love nothing more then to see the Enfold theme still on #1 in 10 years ^_^

    Or maybe I don’t understand the description :-P and this is exactly what you guys are doing :-P

    Thanks for the reply anyway

    in reply to: Video in Color Section is not repeating #1280339

    Yeah.. same here on multiple different sites and servers..

    in reply to: Entypo font icon update please! #1191538

    Sweet! :-D Thanks for the quick reply ^_^

    in reply to: Using custom post types #1189467

    Would be nice if you could activate this in the ALB settings under the theme settings

    in reply to: Adding Onclick to Button #1189408

    Alright.. what I did was I copied the button html and put it in the codeblock element with the onclick code in it.. seems a lot easier..

    This would be a nice function to have tho

    Hi Victoria,

    Thanks.. but that was not what I was looking for..

    for now I changed js/avia-snippet-sticky-header.js line 54

    form topbar_height = header.find(‘#header_meta’).outerHeight(), to topbar_height = 128,

    I might have to tweak some other stuff in CSS but this works for now

    This bit..

    This bit.. It’s not for the site in this picture :-P on my own site it’s quite appropriate :-P

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    in reply to: Category class added to body tag? #1098665

    For custom taxonomies you can use this one

    in reply to: Mobile menu disappearing #1078845

    yeah.. that’s what I was looking for at first as well.. but my programming skills are kinda limited.. can any of you see what goes wrong?

    in reply to: Masonry Grid with Pages #1061644

    I would love to se a pages option in the masonry grid :-)

    And since the feature request is out of order for 3 months already :-P I guess the way to go is to spam the forum and the commentsection at themforeset

    JK :-P

    in reply to: instagram widget not working #1052773

    I still have the same issue.. super annoying :-(

    Would be nice the solution gets shared :-)

    in reply to: tab section autoslide #1033519

    Feature request is down it seems :-P

    This would be a huge win.. layerslider is way to complicated.. with a few small additions the tabsection is an awesome slider..

    But with only autoslide as an option it’s already super useful.. (for custom testimonials for instance)

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