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  • Thank you Devin.

    This is a work-around we can make use of.

    Perhaps in the future, you can build this functionality (ability to add direct links to individual images) within your “Products,” “Product Slider,” and “Slider” page elements, within your template builder…?

    For those of us who not adept PHP coders, making use of the tools you provide in order to maintain consistency in our web design is essential.

    Thanks again,


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    In reviewing this post, I realize I was not very clear in communicating what our problem is, but I did not see a way to delete or edit the post. So, please ignore this post. I will re-state the question under another thread.

    Thank you,


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    We have solved the issue of changes not being saved. Thank you for your advice.

    It was, in fact, the “supercache” folder that needed to be deleted and the Supercache Plugin deactivated. So this matter can be considered resolved.

    Many seem to have had this problem with supercache, which makes us wonder why it’s included?

    Actually, we have had several problems with the Theme after importing the Dummy Data, as have others we see. Wish we hadn’t and just started building from scratch.

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    I can see why many would purchase the theme, the Demo is quite convincing, attractive, and offers many robust features.

    But I still stick by my statement that your documentation is VERY poor. Not only that, but my staff report several problems in trying to access your instructional videos from the documentation resulting in 404 errors….????

    In addition, having worked with many themes, we find yours particularly challenging in that there is no clear way indicated to actually implement the options.

    And reading over your forum, I see many more questions than on most Theme Support Forums. Just my experience talking here.

    One of my staff are having an additional issue which she will query. But if we don’t have adequate answers and a working site by Tuesday, we are going to deinstall and purchase another theme.

    This has just become too frustrating for our time, schedule and client patience.

    Cheers, nonetheless.

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    Thanks for the update, Devin. We had done all of the above as part of a successful workaround. Many others have had similar troubles with Replete and there are several places online that talk about workarounds with your software.

    I must say in comment though, that although the Theme is quite elegant and robust, that there seem to be too many problems, and your documentation ranks VERY poor. It is full of incomplete instructions, contradictory advice, and in many cases bad English and poor writing.

    If you were my Students, I would have sent the paper back.

    But…that said…there are many rich features that we enjoy, and plan on just slogging through it.

    Cheers, nonetheless,

    Tim Kenney

    in reply to: Changes not being saved to site…. #113753

    No ecommerce on site at all. Just using your marvelous theme for eyecandy and product/service overview. Ecommerce will be implemented in Wave 3, which is some time off.

    Note: 2 users on 3 platforms had the same issue. 2 MAC + 1PC using Safari, Firefox, IE9 and Chrome. All browsers showed same problem.

    Note: we deactivated WP Supercache and cleared all histories thinking that might be the issue, to no avail.

    No settings in theme could be saved.

    Dummy copy import problem? As others had mentioned. Or is that just computer voo doo?

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