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  • in reply to: TN3 Gallery – conflict/works ? #67788

    Thanks Peter. I’ll mark as resolved.

    in reply to: TN3 Gallery – conflict/works ? #67786

    Looking through the features of Abundance, I can see that this could be achieved with a different layout applied to the css on the Caption Slider.

    Are you aware of any user that has experimented with changing the look of Caption Slider?

    Are there any future plans to add more precise jquery effects ( horizontal sizing & timing for example ) to the Caption Slider gallery?


    in reply to: WPTouch / Mobile Plug-In Conflict? #66758

    Hi Peter,

    Can you recommend another mobile plug-in that does not result in bugs and code-breaks?

    This issue – not having the ability to merge Abundance, or the Avia framework with popular mobile plug-ins, if not solved, will stand out as a major flaw in an otherwise fantastic theme.


    New version of Abundance – nice!

    in reply to: Woo Commerce 1.4 Update #62367

    Thank you community and thank you Dude. I was able to fix the issue in minutes.

    One question though: will future Woo Commerce updates potentially break the design and templates?

    Kriesi, are you in contact with the woo dev team to address these issuest?

    Again, this theme kicks digital ass >

    in reply to: Sub Menu Edit HOW TO #59328

    Thanks Chris. It worked!

    I need to replace some of the menu items that were deleted, but I should damn well learn how to code php & JS already.

    You saw the Xmas tree ascii ? It looks parsed to heck to me.

    in reply to: Widgetization & Typekit #59010

    I haven’t had a chance to check this yet. Thanks for the help. Happy holidays.

    in reply to: Homepage display problem with Google Chrome #58974

    worked for an issue of mine ~ thanks

    in reply to: Abundance theme – Strange Happening #58545

    I’ve looked at the recent Chrome vs Firefox on  thread. Mine is about the callout box not displaying and aligning the same in two different browsers. I absolutely need correct alignment or it throws the look. You can check out the changes if you visit . I’m looking to get the site up ASAP and would really appreciate any help.

    I can see the classes to target, but I can’t find the specific div tags. If you had the specific divs or lines in code that would be great.

    Happy holidays.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)