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  • Yes, that’s consistent with what I saw. In fact, the reason I changed the link text was because of the behaviour you describe. I didn’t want the URL to be the title of the post in the ALB blog list.

    For the time being, I’ve thrown in a non breaking space entity to prevent the error from appearing.

    Hello. I’m not permitted to give you s/ftp access to the site (I don’t own access to the server).

    However, I tried an experiment on another Enfold site I manage:

    • created a post with link format. used THE EXACT SAME POST CONTENT as I shared above (I copy and pasted from the text tab of the standard WP post editor)
    • created a test page, enabled ALB
    • added a Blog Posts element from ALB to test page
    • published and viewed

    I get the same error message on this site.

    So, I played around a bit more. The issue seems to be with the link itself:

    Online Merch from Lowest of the Low!

    If this link is the first line in the post, then it produces the error message.
    If any non-space character precedes the link, (I tried an   entity), then the error doesn’t happen. So, if I wrap the link in a <p> element it’s fine.

    I think your regex musn’t be happy with the starting < character it encounters as the first line of the string.

    If I get a chance I’ll try this on a clean install, but perhaps you could test at your end?

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    Hello @Ismael.

    No, I did not replace the file. I re-uploaded the file from the source and the error continues to appear if the post type is set to link.
    I’ve tested further and the error only occurs with link type posts. Any other post format is fine.

    The content of the post is:

    <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Online Merch from Lowest of the Low!</a>
    Mugs? <strong>Check!</strong>
    T-shirts? <strong>Check!</strong>
    Keychains, hoodies, posters, pins, hats, toques, and more!
    [av_button label='Go Shopping!' icon_select='yes' icon='ue859' font='entypo-fontello' link='manually,' link_target='_blank' size='small' position='center' label_display='' title_attr='' size-text='' av-desktop-font-size-text='' av-medium-font-size-text='' av-small-font-size-text='' av-mini-font-size-text='' margin='' margin_sync='true' padding='' padding_sync='true' av-desktop-margin='' av-desktop-margin_sync='true' av-desktop-padding='' av-desktop-padding_sync='true' av-medium-margin='' av-medium-margin_sync='true' av-medium-padding='' av-medium-padding_sync='true' av-small-margin='' av-small-margin_sync='true' av-small-padding='' av-small-padding_sync='true' av-mini-margin='' av-mini-margin_sync='true' av-mini-padding='' av-mini-padding_sync='true' color_options='' color='theme-color' custom_bg='#444444' custom_font='#ffffff' btn_color_bg='theme-color' btn_custom_grad_direction='vertical' btn_custom_grad_1='#000000' btn_custom_grad_2='#ffffff' btn_custom_grad_3='' btn_custom_grad_opacity='0.7' btn_custom_bg='#444444' btn_color_bg_hover='theme-color-highlight' btn_custom_bg_hover='#444444' btn_color_font='theme-color' btn_custom_font='#ffffff' btn_color_font_hover='white' btn_custom_font_hover='#ffffff' border='' border_width='' border_width_sync='true' border_color='' border_radius='' border_radius_sync='true' box_shadow='' box_shadow_style='0px,0px,0px,0px' box_shadow_color='' animation='' animation_duration='' animation_custom_bg_color='' animation_z_index_curtain='100' hover_opacity='' sonar_effect_effect='' sonar_effect_color='' sonar_effect_duration='1' sonar_effect_scale='' sonar_effect_opac='0.5' css_position='' css_position_location=',,,' css_position_z_index='' av-desktop-css_position='' av-desktop-css_position_location=',,,' av-desktop-css_position_z_index='' av-medium-css_position='' av-medium-css_position_location=',,,' av-medium-css_position_z_index='' av-small-css_position='' av-small-css_position_location=',,,' av-small-css_position_z_index='' av-mini-css_position='' av-mini-css_position_location=',,,' av-mini-css_position_z_index='' id='' custom_class='' template_class='' element_template='' one_element_template='' av_uid='av-2gs7zi' sc_version='1.0' admin_preview_bg='']
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    Thank you Rikard. This seems to have done the trick.

    in reply to: Column Row Screen Options not working #1414259

    In the HTML output for the element, I see that the av-break-at-tablet class has been correctly inserted, but I don’t see a corresponding rule in the inspector
    <div class="flex_column av-vwami-e45f2addc0f5fac09f8be58376b409ec av_two_third first av-break-at-tablet flex_column_div ">

    in reply to: Enfold Product Roadmap Question -> Blocks #1407255

    Hello Rikard:

    Sorry, I don’t think I made myself clear. What I’m wondering about is the possibility to place blocks inside Enfold ALB Layout objects, the same way you would use a shortcode in an enfold Text today. I find that a number of plugin providers are offering much better control over plugin features rendering through blocks, and not the same robustness through shortcodes in Enfold text elements.

    If it’s not on the roadmap, that’s fine. I was just curious.

    in reply to: Centering /centring columns not working #1355738

    Yes, thank you.

    in reply to: Centering /centring columns not working #1355725

    Nevermind. I think I have it.

    @Mike – I spoke too soon.

    This solution doesn’t seem to respect the column spacing. In your example it seems to, but on my site it doesn’t:

    Anything to be done about that?

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    in reply to: Centering /centring columns not working #1355724

    Thank you @Mike.

    This worked.

    Honestly, you folks would save yourselves a lot of trouble if you just productized this kind of thing. It would be less brittle and you’d have more long-term control over it. A tidy little checkbox to ‘center columns’ would probably do it :-)

    I appreciate the support.

    in reply to: Centering /centring columns not working #1355644

    Hi @Rikard

    The issue is not that they’re not centred, it’s that the code provided in the example does not maintain the specified relative column sizes. The output in the documentation ( is what I’m looking for, but in my case, the columns continue to occupy the full width by expanding past their designated 1/4 or 1/3 size.

    In the documentation, the centred columns keep their width designation. When I use the same code, the columns fill the available space, at least in any browser on my machine. Please see screenshots:

    I notice that the example code is using an older version of Enfold, so does the CSS snippet need to be updated with a new selector?

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    in reply to: Enfold and WP Media Library "not attached" files #1330370

    Thanks for following up @ismael, and sorry for wasting your time. All these years and I never realized that inserting a previously uploaded image from the media library does not create an attachment link, only when you actually upload on that page. For some reason it’s never been an issue before because I always use the feature image, but my client asked me why I had to select the feature image separately rather than just using one from the gallery, and I thought it was a good usability question, but obviously one for all of WP, not Enfold.
    Thanks for the support.

    in reply to: Enfold and WP Media Library "not attached" files #1330200

    @Yigit do you think this is a WordPress core issue? Should images added through ALB gallery, for example, be ‘attached’ to a post? I ask because I’m trying to use the Easy Add Thumbnail plugin so that I don’t need to explicitly add a featured image to my Porfolio Items and it’s not working and I think this might be the reason.

    EDIT if I use the classic editor and add media to a post, the media is ‘attached’ to the post in the media library. If I use an ALB element that adds media to the post, this doesn’t work. I find this weird. Why would Enfold not try to replicate default WP behaviour in this way?


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    Thank you @mike!

    Thank you @Guenni007.

    This is close, but not quite what I am hoping for.. as you note, I don’t have the lightbox gallery there. It’s clever though. I am not really a coder and admire anyone that can extend this kind of thing.

    Thank you Mike:

    Is there still a specific thread for feature requests? The support forum has become a bit hard to navigate over the years ;-)

    I ask because I think this should be a configurable option in the future so I want to suggest that. I am uncomfortable in general with the notion of forking Enfold (even with professional help), and keep hoping that future updates could add extended options to many of the existing elements which are now only available through child theme overrides.



    in reply to: Embed page title in ALB Special Heading #1324358

    I’ll give that a try, thanks @Mike.


    My apologies.

    This behaviour was caused by an accessibility plugin that had added some new configurations that I didn’t see, including removing the ‘target’ attribute of links, which was defaulted to on.

    You can close this thread.

    in reply to: Enfold and Custom Content Shortcode plugin #1060279

    Thank you Ismael.

    Not perfect, but I’ll give it a try.

    I’m curious about whether the uid attribute in the avira components is required. If it is, should I figure how to generate something unique for this?


    in reply to: Update to 4.5.3 Fails #1059489

    Ditto. I get the same error message.

    I seem to be properly connected to Envato (my Enfold theme update page says:

    We checked the token on 2019/01/28 01:13 and we were able to connect to Envato and could access the following information:

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    @Ismael / @compudean

    I took another look at some of the page configuration tooling in Events Manager and it’s possible to use Avira layout shortcodes in their page configuration. This can be used to make the event page adhere to a basic Enfold layout.

    I’ve successfully integrated Events Manager with Enfold on a couple of projects. It’s not super amazing but could be if I could reliably create an Enfold Page template that ditched the sidebar. Events Manager has a configurable way to target its Event Page to an existing page template from the theme, but Enfold only has two theme page templates: Archive and Blank, No Header No Footer. I really wish Enfold shipped with a stripped back full width page template that was basically a container for plugins like this.
    I once hacked in my own, but am not a developer and probably did it wrong.
    Example is here:

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    Hello Kriesi and company:

    I am having the same problem on one of my sites. After an update to the latest wordpress and einfold 3.5.2 my site is not performing properly at all.

    No sliders are appearing, and parallax scroll isn’t working either.

    I have tried your hard reset/cachebusting but to no avail.

    I would say, however, that any update that will require my end users to clear their cache or anything like that is a mistake. I can’t put a big banner on my client’s site with cache clearing instructions for end users. I have normally been very happy with the seamlessness of your updates, but this one is disappointing.

    [edit – for anyone else reading this – apologies to Kriesi – if you have external caching, such as through cloudflare, you need to flush that or go into developer mode to sort out any lingering cached file issues.

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    I second Rhodo’s point…I tried putting my copy of this file in the same structure in my child theme and none of the changes work. I have to keep updating the parent theme version. Is this a change to how WP handles the ordering in child themes? The docs on the WordPress codex are a bit arcane for anything that isn’t strictly page templates or css.

    in reply to: portfolio #189535

    I too am a bit lost when it comes to portfolio items (as in, they don’t make any sense to me). However, I do know that each portfolio item needs to have a feature image set to show up in a grid.

    in reply to: Insert page content in text block #189526

    Thanks. That hadn’t occurred to me for some reason.

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