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    Have done that. Doesn’t work.

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    Actually I translated ‘hide sidebar & content’ , but after replacing the file with the original that change disappeared.
    Line 230: $data .= ” data-hide='”.__(‘hide sidebar & content’,’avia_framework’).”‘”;

    in reply to: Menu is jumping around #163966

    Thank you!!!

    in reply to: Menu is jumping around #163453
    in reply to: Menu is jumping around #163445

    Firefix Safari and IE. The smaller the window gets the worse it gets. I can send you a screenshot if you want.

    in reply to: language resets #113471

    hmm but as it only happens when I click on a portfolio item I thought it was the way the portfolio was setup…

    I mean is the link setup to the portfolio item different from the link to a normal page or blogpost?

    in reply to: Blog problems #109778

    And the social icon thing doesn’t seem to work either

    it is still the old icons linking to twitter and rss

    in reply to: Blog problems #109777

    1) I disabled all plugins but still no blog option…. the only way I can choose a blog page is under reading settings which is okay if haven’t had the other problems as well.

    2) I have chosen “Yes, display right sidebar”, and I have given my blog page a new widget area under Sidebar, and I have chosen the widget to be displayed in the sidebar, but there is still no sidebar.

    3) I have chosen “As background slider only” but it is still the default slideshow that is displayed.

    in reply to: "pin it" button #106847

    But i doesn’t work. I found a plugin “Pinterest “Pin It” Button Lite”. As long as i just add a picture to my portfolio page it seems to be able to fetch the picture, but the pictures in the gallery does not appear in the popup box.

    in reply to: Gallery does not work #105477

    The 3 column Gallery is still causing the same problem (shows the Default Gallery), and the WordPress Default doesn’t show any pictures at all. But now the “attached to the entry” and the “flexible grid” is working fine.

    But I would like the 3 column Gallery option.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)