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  • in reply to: icon list styling problem #1091966

    Thanks Nikko,
    I see Rikard mentions a fix for this in upcoming updates, I think I’ll wait for the hotfix rather than edit theme files for now.
    Do you know when the update is coming ?

    in reply to: Unable to verify purchase for updates #1069338

    Thanks Rikard,
    I thought i had permissions set correctly but clearly I hadn’t. Works fine now on all sites.

    in reply to: Updating to Enfold 4.5 and validating Personal Token #1058763

    I have visited the page refered to for detailed instruction on how to generate an Envato Personal Token but I can’t see any instructions to that effect on that page, am I missing something:

    There is one reference to “envato personal token” under the “what’s required section” but this is not linking to any other url (unlike the other bullet points in that list)??

    I did eventually find how to generate a token from Envato and granted permissions for email address, user name, verify purchases to that token but i am getting an error message when trying to validate the token from the theme control panel on my websites:

    Last time we checked the token we were not able to connected to Envato:

    Purchases could not be accessed
    Username could not be accessed (needed for your information only)
    E-Mail could not be accessed (needed for your information only)
    Following errors occured:

    Purchases: Errorcode 403 returned by Envato: Forbidden:
    – response_code: 403
    – reason: scope-missing
    username Errorcode 403 returned by Envato: Forbidden:
    – code: not_authenticated
    email Errorcode 403 returned by Envato: Forbidden:
    – code: not_authenticated
    Purchases: A problem occured accessing your purchases. Unable to check for updates.

    Can you help please ?
    Thanks in advance

    in reply to: blog post meta user name security issue #824086

    Hi Victoria,
    Thanks for your reply, yes of course I use WordFence to limit login attempts, which is what alerted me that bots were actively targeting the user name. My point was more for your developers, regarding the way the theme is coded: why show the user names in meta data in the html if the option to display it has been disabled.

    Have a look at the link I am attaching in private content, this is using another theme: GeneratePress by Tom Usborne, here if the option is chosen not to display author name then the html code for that meta element is simply not generated, hence no trace of user name is shown.

    Just a thought

    in reply to: blog post meta user name security issue #823906

    Hi John,
    Yes, of course url for the site where the user names had been “guessed” is attached in private content. I also include a example blog post and the you’ll see the user name in the html in the inspector although I opt not to display it on page.

    in reply to: LayerSlider WP #769256

    It’s not cached, I have cleared everything. I have this problem on all my client sites using Enfold!
    I’ve cleared cache at the server end, disabled server caching both static and dynamic and cleared browser cache to no avail.
    I will post a separate thread as requested

    in reply to: LayerSlider WP #768687

    Updating to 4.0.4 does not seem to solve the issue at all…

    I have updated Enfold to 4.0.4 automatically and I have the same problem:

    A series of error message when updating automatically (see image)
    Updates indicator stays stuck on “1 update needed” but no updates available
    Layer Slider system status reports it still has the old version installed (see image)

    updating manually via FTP DOES NOT cure the problem

    I can deactivate layer slider but does this not still leave a security hole by having an unsafe version of a plugin installed, even if it’s deactivated ?

    Please help

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    in reply to: Wordfence found a suspected malware in an Enfold .php file #740617

    Yep, replacing that link results in a clear Wordfence scan. Thank you Yigit

    By the way, for anyone else looking for it it is located at line 726 in the file.


    in reply to: Wordfence found a suspected malware in an Enfold .php file #740569

    I have exactly the same message from Wordfence on one of my enfold sites this morning.
    I assume it is a false positive but would like to get feedback from the Enfold support team as soon as possible. I have run the site through sucuri’s external site check scan and it comes back clean.

    The site is:

    Waiting to hear ?

    in reply to: Using Beaver Builder with Enfold #704795

    Hey Alex,

    I added this to custom CSS and it removed the white band between the top of the beaver Builder created page and the header and it worked. I too had “transparent header” set up for the site I tried it on and it worked great.

    .content {
    padding: 0px;

    Does that work for you ?


    in reply to: Google map not working after update to 3.7.1 #680556

    Hey Ismael,
    Thanks for that, yes I got it working after checking out the thread Andy mentioned and a bit of trial and error.

    I’ve just been in the site myself and the advanced layout builder seems to be working fine. The only thing that doesn;t seem to be working is the google map element: if I try and add a new google map the “fetch coordinates” button doesn;t work once I enter the address. Is this what you meant ?


    in reply to: Google map not working after update to 3.7.1 #679904

    Hi Andy and thank you
    I have tried many things from the thread you mention and the one it links to and finally got it to work.

    It seems in my case after regenerating the API key and re-inputing it into the theme, then adding each specific page url where the page is displayed in google credentials has solved it – using wild cards in the url didn’t work

    One thing which is broken however is the geo location for adding new google map elements: if I try using exactly the same address (in this case “camping chalets plage des settons”) your avia module doesn’t fetch coordinates. This is how I fetched coordinates on all four pages originally but it is not working now.

    You can see the map in action here for examples of how they are used on the site: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -lac-des-settons/
    and here

    Can you advise please as it makes adding new maps to pages impossible.
    Thanks in advance

    in reply to: Google map not working after update to 3.7.1 #678009

    Hi Rikard,
    Any chance you could log in to the site admin have a look at this please ?

    My brother in France also has a problem with one of his Enfold sites but, as his english isn’t very good, he’s waiting for me to explain the solution once you’re able to provide it rather than post here.

    Hey Andy,
    It was the “update cart” button on the “cart” page which wasn’t clickable. I went to create a screenshot to show you and now it is suddenly working. I’m sorry to have wasted time, I wonder if it had to do with caching preventing your latest fix a couple of theme updates ago to make it work because it was definitely not working, i didn;t invent it ;-)
    Anyway problem solved now.

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    Sorry Andy,
    Completely my fault: I used the wrong term.
    I meant the “update cart” button. If you try and add a product to the cart (not the one in the picture which my client hasn’t put a price for and therefore can’t be purchased) then if you change the quantity once you are viewing the cart, the “update cart” button is not enabled.

    Does that make sense ?

    Cheers and sorry again

    in reply to: Google map not working after update to 3.7.1 #676423

    Hi Rikard,
    Thank you.
    Temp admin login in private content.


    in reply to: responsive issue with layers on layer slider #660218

    Hi Ismael,
    Thank you very much, I hadn’t used advanced slider before. i see what you’ve done and appreciate you taking the time to do it.

    I have one remaining issue though: the text font reverts to times new roman on my ipad (only on the ipad) do you know why and what to do to display the open sans font specified on the slider and the website ?

    Thanks in advance – I’ll maintain temporary admin access tis week if you like and disable it after that.

    in reply to: Theme content wrapper name #659676

    Thanks guys but these tips above don’t help as they relate to making Avia builder rows full width.

    All I need to know from you (or your developers) is what you call the overall content wrapper in the Enfold theme so i can target it with the css. I am having difficulty identifying it by looking at my browser inspector tool that’s all.

    I am trying to follow these instructions:
    1. Find the id or classname of your theme’s content wrapper (e.g. #content).

    2. Target the content wrapper for builder pages and make it full width by adding the following CSS where #content is the selector for your content wrapper…

    .fl-builder #content {
    width: auto;

    Thnaks in advance

    in reply to: Beaver Builder #659454

    Of course here’s the site in private content and the BB page in question as the second link

    in reply to: Theme content wrapper name #659349

    Hi Vinay,
    I think we misunderstood each other: i need the themes content wrapper ID or class so i can target it i.e. what you called the overall content wrapper in the theme. Not creating a new one.
    Does that make sense ?

    in reply to: responsive issue with layers on layer slider #659345

    Than you Rikard, no problem at all.

    Temporary admin login below.

    PS: I am also having a font issue on ipad only where the slected font “open sans” is not loaded and reverts to an ugly serif font (I think times new roman).

    I hope you can help me figure it out.
    Thanks in advance

    in reply to: Beaver Builder #658872

    If you’re still following this post do you know how to to enable buiver builder full width row to go full width within the Enfolde theme please ?
    It doesn’t seem to work for me – full width rows are contained
    Thanks in advance

    in reply to: slider background for colour section #654196

    Thank you, this is what i feared.
    I will request it as it would be a great feature – other page buildes like Beaver Builder do provide it and it addds a great deal of flexibility.

    in reply to: Fatal Error with 3.6 #644808

    This is the beauty of forum based support: have an issue, look in the forum, find the answer, fix the problem :-)
    Deleting theme folder and re-uploading via FTP cured it.

    I have several client sites on Enfold so I’ll wait for the update fix before updating all the others.


    in reply to: reduce breadcrumbs bar height #641620

    No I haven’t. Sorry I took the code out to revert back to the normal top bar, which is why you can’t replicate it. I’ll put it back in and let you know if the client still insists.
    Thanks for looking though, sorry for the inconvenience.

    in reply to: Gaps between widget areas in mobile footer #641617

    Thanks Jordan,
    I’ve used this code using negative margin as suggested:

    /* reduce footer widget vertical spacing mobiles */
    @media only screen and (max-width: 767px){
    .responsive #top #wrap_all .flex_column{
    margin-bottom: -10px !important;

    HOWEVER This has the unintended consequences of reducing the gap between the buttons and the images below on the homepage so they now touch on mobiles. Is there another way of targeting the vertical space between each footer widget on mobiles without affecting other areas of the site please ?

    Thanks in advance

    in reply to: reduce breadcrumbs bar height #641366

    Thanks Jordan, super fast reply
    The code is great and works but it creates a couple of small issues:

    The actual breadcrumb text disappears on mobiles and doesn;t line up in the middle of the band on desktop. Do you know how to avoid this happening ?


    in reply to: Change title font size on mobiles #641337

    Splendid, thank you Rikard. You guys help is teaching me a lot about making finer changes to the teme CSS.

    Awesome support always greatly appreciated.


    in reply to: line height in top bax text on mobile #641336

    Thank you Yigit, this worked.

    I appreciate your help and also the support forum responses seem to be a fair bit faster lately than in the past which is awesome. Keep up the good work :-)


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