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    Does this mean that it’s not possible to change the CSS from “Theme Options/ General settings/ Quick CSS”? The issue is that I have as a general rule not to make changes directly in any file.

    I assume not… if I understood correctly your answer, one has to wipe-out the size defined by Enfold, so that the variable size defined by WP can be applied… and in quick CSS one can override the settings set in the files, but not delete them, right?

    So, unless there is a solution using quick CSS, I will just drop the tag cloud (it’s not much needed anyway), and you can close the ticket :-)


    I realized this topic has not been closed yet. Sorry I didn’t give my feedback!

    (late) Thanks for your reply. I confirm I read your answer, ok for me. Didn’t know if it was something you should be aware of, rankings are same as usual ;-)

    You can close this now. Cheers :-)

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    Thanks for all the clarifications, and for suggesting WP-memory-Usage (nice plugin). We are actually using ca. 50% of the PHP Memory, so that should not be an issue :-)

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    Hi again…

    I realized a lot could be done, just by changing the setup of my cache plugin (WP Super Cache) where the “default” settings are far too conservative. I also installed WP-Rocket (it costs a few bucks but performance is a must) on the test site and making some evaluation.

    My hosting is also moving my site to a “better performing” machine, so I guess you can close this thread, hopefully it can help others.

    Just a final question :-) My hosting provider offers 128M PHP memory as a max unless I move to a very expensive dedicated machine, but I have another site on another provider that offers some plans with 256M and even 512M PHP memory at a reasonable price. Do you think such a relevant increase in the size of the memory would have a visible impact on Enfold’s performance? Or we are just speaking small marginals?? I would not even consider to think moving unless I have some grounds for believing it would be worth while the hassle ;-)

    Thanks for now. Bye!

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    Hi Basilis

    Well…the issue is that the web site is visibly sloooow.

    I am then using Google PageSpeed Insights to get a score

    I tested one of the “heavy” pages on our production web site and ti gets a desktop score of 53/100 on our production site, while on the test server the same content has a score of 45/100

    Now, if I change the theme of the test site to “twenty fifteen” the score jumps from 45/100 to 73/100 for the same “content” (ie. shortcodes displayed as text, no scripts). Same server = same environment, only difference is that Enfold scripts are not triggered.

    It’s clear that Enfold’s is affecting the performance… now, let’s be clear. I’m happy with Enfold, I just want to get the right environment to support it, if needed I’m prepared to change the provider.

    I’m writing some links in the private area, that might help you give me some suggestions.

    Tks! Flavio

    Tks Basilis, crossing fingers :-) pls close this thread. Brgds. Flavio

    in reply to: Best way to embed a .pdf ? #506876

    You can easily embed a PDF without using any plugin at all, use HTML object tag instead.

    1. In Enfold, create a “Text Block” element
    2. in the editor, input the code in the “text” fane, not in “visual” mode
    3. syntax is: <object data=”http://path/filename.pdf&#8221; type=”application/pdf” width=”100%” height=”850px”></object> where you can of course adjust width and heigth as you please.

    The result is not the same in all browsers, and it also depends on the way users have configured their browsers, but this is a robust, standard solution. I try to avoid using plugins whenever possible to avoid risk of future compatibility issues :-)

    That worked! Problem solved. A big thank!

    Hej Josue

    Thanks! It didn’t solve the problems, but there was a small improvement :-)

    In the screenshots I sent yesterday, the datepicker was hidden below both the breadcrumbs and the header, now it’s on top of the breadcrumbs, but under the header (I am attaching the link to new pictures).

    Hope this can help you to find out what is still wrong….

    If you can’t get the datepicker on top of the header, maybe you could try to “move it downwards” !?

    Looking forward to hearing from you again. Thanks!

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    Hej Elliott

    Well well…It could be that I didn’t express myself clearly enough ;-)

    Let me highlight again:
    1) everything was working before the upgrade and I didn’t change any transition values/ settings
    2) my slider works perfectly from within LayerSlider
    3) the same problem occurred with your demo slider!!! I.e. we may safely assume that your own demo slider is configured properly, right?

    Your suggestion didn’t seem very well founded… I took the liberty to disregard it ;-)

    What I did instead was the following: I started checking all settings of WP SuperCache… and since this didn’t work, I started deactivating all our plugins… bingo! One of the plugins conflicted with LayerSlider, so we can close the case here, and I’ll move forward trying to find out how to solve the conflict.

    I hope this can help you and other users :-)

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