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    Got it! Thanks so much.

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    Yes, that’s what I did and it’s not working. I don’t want to use Youtube or Vimeo. Thanks for your help!

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    Hooray! My only issue is that my video files won’t play. I tried three different file types, following the instructions to add the height and width dimensions.

    The .wmv and .mpg both had an error message (Image cannot be loaded. Make sure the path is correct and the image exist.)

    The .mov file opened a box with the correct pixel dimension, but didn’t play the video and there was no error message.

    Here’s an example of what I put in the post:

    What’s wrong?

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    Can you explain how it’s done? I can create posts, but I don’t understand how to make the portfolio pages with multiple posts, as you mention above, and what a category has to do with it. I really just need the instruction steps to make this all come together!

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    I see. Then how are the 7 posts seen under the one drop down menu item? Did you use the nextgen gallery?

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    But there is only one image there. How do I create the same portfolio overview that is seen in the demo? I wish I could send you a screen shot or something, because I’m not sure if I’m asking the question correctly.

    When I look at your demo and hover over Portfolio in the Main Menu, there are 3 drop down items; Web Design, Photography, and Video. When I click on any of them, multiple images are shown (7 in Web Design, 4 in Photography, and 5 in Video). How do I link my images so they appear in that way? When I try to add more images to the Post, it doesn’t appear next to the original on the first click like what’s shown in your demo, they’re only seen when I click on the “read more” link, which is NOT what I want.

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    Thanks, I see the drop down menu is working, and I’ve added all the menu items I need. I followed the way you set up the Portfolio Options, with all the corresponding Categories under the first Portfolio Page 1, and then followed that with each matching Portfolio Page and Category.

    Now I need to populate with my creative samples (create the portfolio overview and populate with my images). With the other themes I’ve worked with, there was a specific portfolio template to upload all the videos and images I wanted to show within each portfolio page. The instructions for Display say “If you completed the previous steps you are now ready to fill your site with content. this works just normal for posts and pages, only the main-page content boxes and the portfolio might need some introduction: When heading over to a post or page you will notice the “Display” option panel below the text area:”

    Adding images in this way doesn’t give me the portfolio overview look, it only allows for a single image that end up looking like a basic post.

    Where do I place my images/videos? How do I achieve the portfolio overview and lightbox?

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    Perfect, thank you.

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    Thanks, done!!

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    I’m sorry, this isn’t helping. The instructions above are basically the same as the documentation that came with the theme, which I’ve been poring over for hours. I’m new to this, and the WordPress Codex instructions use different terms in many places than what’s in the documentation. When I create a new post and add my images and assign a category, which is what I understand from the documentation, it looks nothing like the portfolio overview samples like in the demo. I need help understanding:

    1) how to create the portfolio overview and populate with my images

    2) how to make those portfolio overview items appear under “portfolio” in the Main Menu

    Please, please help me. Thank you!

    if it helps, my url is

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    Great! The LinkedIn button is working perfectly, but the three Mainpage Columns under the welcome message are still there. Can they be removed or hidden?

    Thanks so much, Dude!

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    I still don’t understand how to do this. I’m looking for instructions on how to execute, and the instructions provided don’t have any detail. I’ve uploaded all of my portfolio images and videos, but I don’t understand how to populate what you’re calling the portfolio overview. In your demo, the Portfolio button on the main menu has a drop-down for Web Design, Photography and Video. I’m trying to replicate that.

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    Thanks, this removed the widgets, worked perfectly. I would also like to remove/hide the three columns under the Welcome Message.

    And, if possible, I’d like to keep the social media buttons (I have a separate post asking about LinkedIn.)

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