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    If you’re referring to the three links at the top add this to the Quick CSS section

    div#header_main_alternate {
    display: none;
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    @daanneleman If you’re referring to the Start Today page just add a Color Section to the top of the page and drag all your existing content into it. Then add a background image to the color section by clicking the little pencil icon where it says “Color Section” then click the Styling tab and upload your image where it says “Background Image”. Set the background repeat option to “Stretch to Fit”.

    You don’t really need Beaver Builder lol as Enfold already comes with a very robust page builder…

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    Use the Color Section element in the layout builder and in the Color Section settings add your photo as the background image. Then add your columns into the color section and finally drag the text box element into the column. This will give you a fullwidth image with text on top.

    Just make sure your background image is very wide so it covers the whole screen — I usually go with 1920px wide.

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    Navigate to the webpage where you want the changes to appear then click Edit Page. Scroll down a bit and on the right side of the screen you’ll see a section called Layout. The last option in that section is titled Header Visibility & Transparency. Click that dropdown and then select “Hide Header on this page.” Finally, scroll up to the top of the page and click the blue update button to publish your changes. :)

    You’re welcome everyone! Glad to help. :)

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    Awesome — thank you!!

    You probably need to update Enfold and WordPress. The current version of Enfold is 4.7.2 and WordPress is currently on 5.3.2.


    1. It’s three 1/3 columns. Create your three columns (or however many you want to fill the row) then under the row settings you make the columns equal height and select “No space between columns”. Then add a negative margin to the row to pull it up.

    2. The blue bar is an empty grid row section with a custom height. You don’t really need this — instead you can add a bottom border to the first section.

    3. You can set animations for certain elements like images and post galleries — just click the element, then click the Advanced tab, and the animation options are in the first accordion.

    The numbers are animated using the “Animated Numbers” element under the main “Content Elements” tab at the top.

    Hope that’s helpful!

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    Sebastiaan – This is a bug with 4.1.2. You have to FTP into your site and replace the entire contents of themes/enfold/js/avia.js with this code:

    This will fix the submenu link issue on tablets and mobile.

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    Thanks for your help!

    Just to update, the issue was the error in IE9 occurs when the number of stylesheets exceeds 31. Once it reaches 31 the browser stops processing any additional stylesheets, which was why the sliders were broken. I was able to solve this by minifying the CSS.


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    I’ve found the built-in emulator in IE11 isn’t always super accurate. Here’s a screenshot of the site in IE9 I got from BrowserStack, it looks like that on my client’s end as well.

    I was able to get the console to pull up this error message, would you have any idea how to fix this?



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    I ran into the same issue awhile ago. I just needed to update Enfold and it was fixed. What version are you using?

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    Can anyone help with this?

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