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    You are right : Jetpack deactivated > magicmenu is back!


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    Yes no problem on computers, but on mobile devices on iPad and iPhones at least the problem remains the same ( background image resized) witch is a problem for me : more than 50% of my visitors are on these devices.

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    Did the theme update, tried without any plugin still the same, working perfect on computer and image is resized on Ipad, and phone!

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    I have found some kind of solution and, by the way, with or without extensions activated this does not change anything:

    In wordpress > reading settings : set to default = latest posts

    In theme options : Frontpage Settings : for homepage : my selected homepage + for blog : my blog

    And so far it works, well… at least with my main language (french) but does not with my english version ( I use WPML) where I do still have some weird behavior :

    homepage in english is not displaying the theme template, but a regular blog template + when clicking on the logo (home) it is still displaying this : Warning: extract() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /home/kokkosou/public_html/ on line 228

    @ rodolfo : may be this could help you?

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    I have tried both of your solutions : changing permalinks parameters

    and tried the plugin solution but unfortunately even with all plugins deactivated : still some problems.

    Also : when clicking on : (english home of the site)

    some error appears : Warning: extract() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /home/kokkosou/public_html/ on line 228

    could it a starting point of an explanation?

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    Yes I have tried like this and it seems, that this is a problem with WPML + Woocommerce,

    Is the last version of Flashlight 1.9 or 1.8?





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    I have updated by downloading the new flashlight version

    1/ by downloading the lates version on themeforest it says 1.8 after installing and not 1.9

    2/ When activation Woocomerce WPML it is still crashing and this time really crashing not just bugging :

    I can get only now get one screen with this on it :

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function wpml_checkout_page_id() in /home/kpluspco/public_html/ on line 549

    any idea of how to resolve this problem, I have checked with, they say taking the lastes version is resolving : done!

    At woothemes they say there should be some compatibility problem with WPML

    So what about the theme itself?

    Many thanks


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    Many thanks

    I think there is a misunderstanding : I don’t have really a problem with thumbnails of the portfolio,

    but on when I see a portfolio entry with blurry images, and whatever I do, I get this on images that are not squared, as you can see on the post.

    I still have a problem with this pretty photo text too ( after doing all the process you gave me)

    I have posted a new entry with much more regular format pictures and the only ones that are displayed correctly are still landscape format.

    others ( all portraits one ) are blurred.

    I think for a premium theme dedicated to graphic or visual artists it is kind of a handicap! Not to mention the time you spend trying to make it work, and I’m really considering to change with another theme more user friendly.

    Thanks again

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    Hello, and thanks for the answer :

    I did : $avia_config = array(‘width’=>232, ‘height’=>172); on functions.php

    Did regenerate the thumbnails

    Should I enter these dimension in the wordpress media settings too?

    Here is what happens : on post “Post working with horizontal pics / not for vertical” third one :

    the landscape pic works perfect : small then if you click big image sharp (actually, this this what I’m trying to have for every picture of my site)

    On portrait (vertical) 1/ pic is still pretty blurry 2/ if you click you get a picture smaller than the one in the post 3/ click again and then you get the right pic sharp.

    I have changed the names of the pics with single ‘quote’ too.



    PS : is it possible to change the url!prettyPhoto to something else like for ex. of the post?

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    Thanks for you answer :

    Here is the adress :

    you can see 3 examples of portfolio items :

    #1example is images that I have put on a white background so all images are square that it will generate a lot of work if I have to do it for every pictures of my site + I have difficulties with the front page thumbnails that are not the one I assign in the image tool from wordpress.

    #2 example is no problem at all images are imported as they are vertical or horizontal are displaying correctly

    #3 example is I import my images as they are too : and it goes pretty blurry when vertical



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    I got exact same problem with Angular, and that’s quite frustrating all images that are vertical (portrait) are blurry, when lanscape one are ok

    The problem is on what function should I change sizes?

    also : when I check the image size : it says 580×905 and this size doesn’t appear at all on the piece of code above.

    I have tried this solution without sucess

    Thanks for helping


    I have tried everything you told me to do, even with only woocommerce plugin activated, and after changed version of flashlight : no result,

    I even tried too, to erase all custom css in flashlight (in case may custom changes would erase this pagination thing)

    still no result!

    But : last min. miracle, by deactivating option : woocommerce>settings>general>Styles and Scripts>Output WooCommerce JavaScript in the footer : It is working back!

    Many thanks for your help



    This is exactly what, I have done, and where the problem is : if I adjust it to for ex :6 products per page : I cannot see a next page link to products number 7 to 12 .The only way to see all the products, is to set it to all. But what I want to do, is to have numerous pages of 6 products.



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