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    So that worked, it now spans three archive previews, however, the spacing in between the posts gets all messed up. Some get clumped together, some end up on a row of their own. It’s not even spacing like in the two archive preview per a row. :/

    Thanks :)

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    >.< Yea I tried that.



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    Alright, so I have removed they sidebar by changing the div class archive template to a full page width template in the archives.php file

    <div class=’template-fullwidth content’>

    and then removing


    if(empty($avia_config)) $avia_config = “blog”;

    //get the sidebar



    Now I am just trying to get the 3 column break instead of two. I’m feeling like this needs to me modified. in the loop-archive.php file.

    $alternate = $smallcounter % 2 == 0 ? ‘even’ : ‘odd’;


    in reply to: Using the feature image associated to a video #52316

    Tried that, still doesn’t work :/

    I’ll rephrase, all I want is the preview image removed for a single blog posts with video. But, still have the preview throughout the rest of the website, including archives and related post. Is that possible?


    in reply to: Using the feature image associated to a video #52314

    I’ve tried that, it doesn’t do anything :/ The preview images are still there. I tried adding it to the custom.css and the slideshow.css . Both do nothing. And I tried modifying it in the slideshow.css as well.


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    Hey, seems like I am trying to do the same thing. However, I just wish to get rid of the preview image on the blog post, so people don’t have to double click there.

    I tried Kriesi code snipet above and that just got rid of the play icon but the thumbnail was still there. I checked out Xym site and he has figured out a way to get ride of the slidshow preview on the blog post page but I couldn’t figure out where to place that bit of code :/


    in reply to: Featured Media RSS Feeds #49893

    Okay, I figured out why I don’t see it. So the image shows up in my regular wordpress feed, so . But i usually redirect the feed to and then the featured images do not show up there. Is there a way to make them show up there? Maybe someone with feedburner knowledge knows more :/

    Also, I noticed that the featured image is displaying as a static size, in your instance, you set it as the thumbnail, so ALL the featured images show up as a tiny thumbnail in the RSS. However, the specific size for each post varies, and I actually set the featured image to have a photo for the preview then the click through to an embedded video. I need to get that embedded video into the RSS feed.


    in reply to: Another major bug (the layout is broken) #49839

    Carlor, that is the same issues I was having with my blog. Yes, the automatic excerpt generated breaks the theme so to fix it just manually add one. That seems to be working for me. Would be better if the auto would work though, haha cause I have so many posts!

    in reply to: Featured Media RSS Feeds #49891

    Thanks for the reply. I added that into the functions.php like so and cleared my cache and I still don’t see any of the featured images in the RSS feed. >.<

    P.S. Another quick question I promise, last one. hahah The combo widget that came with the theme. Is there a way to edit that? Where can I find that ?


    in reply to: Template Issues #49748

    Hey wow, you are right. Manually adding an excerpt fixed the problem. I guess there was an issue with the automatic generated excerpts that was breaking the layout. Guess I’ll just have to go through each post that is broken and manually add an excerpt.

    I’ll let you know if that fixes all the issues.


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