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  • in reply to: 5 columns portfolio #85440

    Thanks Ismael,

    I have tried to add the code provided, but nothing changes…

    in reply to: Changing portfolio name in admin bar #77503

    Exactly that. thanks Devin!

    in reply to: Slideshow – change height #77498

    in themes/css, inside slideshow.css, the first rule establishes the height…

    But changing this value it is no t enough. The slider window size changes, but the images don’t.

    What else must be changed?

    in reply to: toggle inside slide #77033

    mmmh, I use Firebug everyday, I think I can give this a try.

    Thanks so much for the suggestion Devin


    I have tried, but it doens’t seem to work.

    I have added inside the caption text area:

    <div class="togglecontainer ">

    <div class="toggler extralight-border">Toggle title<span class="toggle_icon extralight-border"><span class="vert_icon extralight-border"></span><span class="hor_icon extralight-border"></span></span></div>

    <div class="toggle_wrap">

    <div class="toggle_content">

    <p>content goes here.</p>




    but that does not work.

    any other ideas?

    in reply to: Footer column width in Propulsion #71707

    I’d be also interested in changing the width of the footer’s columns, i.e. having a 2 column footer, in a 25% – 75% proportion.

    While we wait for the backend possibility, is there a way to tweak the code to achieve that?


    in reply to: vimeo lightbox not working – while youtube does…. #76363

    Thanks guys, I finally managed to make it work.

    I was putting the link as

    while I should simply use


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)