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    OK, in that case can you give me the best css code for targeting the headers and body?
    I once got it in some post here in this support forum.

    in reply to: Custom fonts upload failing! #990828

    Do you mean through CSS?
    I just upload a font here and it doesn’t show up in the font menu:

    in reply to: Custom fonts upload failing! #990816

    YES! Uploaded zip archives with nothing more than a font file (ttf) in it.

    in reply to: Custom web fonts in Theme Options #832686

    Hi Jordan, maybe i explain me wrong…

    I want to be able to use at least 2 custom web fonts in the the Enfold Theme Options.

    I’ve seen several functions for Google Fonts that one could include in the child theme functions.php file but not for custom fonts.

    add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'wpsites_google_fonts' );
    function wpsites_google_fonts() {
    wp_enqueue_style( 'gfonts', '//|Open+Sans', array(), CHILD_THEME_VERSION );

    Can you help me on that?

    in reply to: Problems with Gallery grid #809427

    Hi, sorry about that… i forgot i was working locally.

    Here is a screen shot:

    The problem is that the grid is skipping one spot.


    in reply to: "Share links at the bottom of your blog post" #797218

    Hi Mike,

    Yes my settings are set in the Blog Layout options. Still they don’t show up.

    Regarding the Portfolio, is there a way for those posts to assume the same settings as the regular posts (for the sharing options)?

    in reply to: Masonry order by custom field #796490

    I’m doing this and this should be enough, right? Not working…

                $elements[] = array(
                    "name" => __("Custom Query Orderby",'avia_framework' ),
                    "desc" => __("Set a custom query orderby value",'avia_framework' ),
                    "id"   => "orderby",
                    "type" 	=> "select",
                    "std" 	=> "",
                    "subtype" => array(
                        __('Default Order',  'avia_framework' ) =>'',
                        __('Work Year', 'meta_key') => 'acf-year')
                $elements[] = array(
                    "name" => __("Custom Query Order",'avia_framework' ),
                    "desc" => __("Set a custom query order",'avia_framework' ),
                    "id"   => "order",
                    "type" 	=> "select",
                    "std" 	=> "",
                    "subtype" => array(
                        __('Default Order',  'avia_framework' ) =>'',
                        __('Ascending Order',  'avia_framework' ) =>'ASC',
                        __('Descending Order',  'avia_framework' ) =>'DESC'));
    in reply to: Masonry order by custom field #795979

    Hi Sarah,

    No, but i’ve tried right now. It does add another set of order menus: Custom Query Orderby and Custom Query Order.

    But i can’t see an option to use custom fields…

    Where should i put my custom field code?

    Thank you!

    in reply to: Post Formats #772423



    in reply to: Post Formats #772413

    OK, did that and that solved part of the problem that was… how to remove some Post Formats i don’t need. Thanks.

    Now, where can i customise the layout of each of the Post Formats?
    I’ve been pocking around the helper-post-format.php file but i’m not sure if that’s the right place.

    in reply to: Post Formats #772366

    Hi, my main question was about POST FORMATS and not POST TYPES.

    I want to customise the Posts Formats available to choose form in the “Format” panel while editing a post:


    • Standard
    • Link
    • Quote
    • Gallery
    • Video
    • Image
    • Audio

    My question is… does Enfold supports them? And if so where can i customise it’s templates?

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)