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    in reply to: Exclude Custom Taxonomy from Masonry Grid #236706

    Hi Dude,

    I used your code and I am not able to see any differences.

    The scenario is like this we have some categories – like Investment Advice, Announcements, Market Outlook so and so. We have also created a custom taxonomy called Featured. Lets consider an example – a post is in category Announcements and will have the taxonomy featured set. We want to hide this particular post in full width masonry grid[as it has taxonomy featured set]. From the back-end we can choose either category or this custom taxonomy featured from dropdown list for “Which Entries?” setting of Masonry – but not the option to exclude particular taxonomy.

    So what we are trying to achieve is, whatever categories a post may have, if it has custom taxonomy “feature” set, it shouldn’t get displayed on the masonry grid. ie the masonry grid will be displayed using category setting – but some elements from it should be hidden based on our taxonomy. Hope you understood what I mean.

    Thanks for you continuous support – hoping for the best solution.

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    in reply to: Exclude Custom Taxonomy from Masonry Grid #232080

    Hello Ismael,

    I believe you didn’t understood my question. I am looking for a way to exclude a particular custom taxonomy from blog posts list.
    The only purpose of that custom taxonomy is to identify some special posts. We don’t want to use category or create another taxonomy tern.
    We will be using either full-screen masonry layout or grid layout. Editing loop-index.php didnt help.

    in reply to: Exclude Custom Taxonomy from Masonry Grid #232029

    Hello Guys,

    Any update on this???

    in reply to: Arrows on Portfolio pages #180557

    Hi Ismael,

    Thank you guys for your wonderful theme. Loving it.

    I have a similar problem – not sure if I should post here or create another thread.
    1) I need to disable those arrows so is there any other option to disable that plugin itself rather than hiding the arrows with css?
    2) Can I use the same plug in on blog posts, ie, If I am reading a single post, can I implement that arrows there to browse to previous and next blog posts.

    Thanks in advance

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)