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    Saw your post and I did some changes to that on my own site. I am a newb to css editing, but the way I achieved it was to edit the style.css and change the main content area’s padding to something smaller. Look for this code located at line 248 and change accordingly:



    padding-top:40px; <

    change to 20px, or smaller.

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    Did some more digging and I think I found the solution I was looking for at:

    I will experiment further and see if this solves my dilemma.

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    Ok, spent the past couple of hours looking into this, and I have found a way to load my custom js theme using the wp-ui widget. BUT I think I am running into some problems due to the Jquery version that comes with Display being v1.3.2.

    Is it advisable to update jquery to the latest version while using Display as the theme? Would upgrading break the image slider or prettyphoto? I don’t want to break the site I already have, since I am at 90% completion…

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    I did have to change the padding value for p { } in style.css, line 802. Was something like 0 0 2em 0, and instead changed it to 0, 12px. This gives me a nice margin within the content area.

    There might be a more graceful solution, but this one works so far.

    Incidentally, I also had to fix the contact form entry area- the text entry box overran the content area margin. This seemed to bring it back in line:

    #top .text_area{

    width:560px; /*orig 600 fixes contact text area to stay within content box*/


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    Thanks. One final question for this post- how can I set a margin for the text within the content space? Right now the text goes right to the edge of the right hand margin of the content areas, I wanted to center the text within the content areas 8px or so.

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    Thanks Dude, I am in the middle of tweaking it around right now. So far it has achieved what I wanted for the main content boxes. I will try to add it to all pages universally next.

    One thing- the custom box in the footer also got the changes applied to it as well (black background, 1px border). I tweaked the css for the footer area to get it back to normal, but how would I go about focusing just on the 3 main columns? My fix seems ugly, I am sure there is a more elegant way to single out the 3 main boxes… A broad css question, I know.

    Thanks, and I will continue to seek your help if I need anything else.

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    Further expanding upon my post in reply to your answer above, can I import the edited css file through the wp backend using the import function in the dashboard? Or does this strictly have to be done through ftp?



    in reply to: Style sheets 1/2/3 not showing up in WP editor #48111

    Thanks, I was thinking that there had to be a way like you describe. Do I upload via cpanel or what? My knowledge of anything other than the wp backend is pretty limited.

    Ok- Hopefully this will be of some use to others: I thought the above problem was solved until earlier today, when the same thing started to happen to me again on firefox. I originally imported my site from a blog, so I had several plugins “leftover” from that transition that were still operating: WP Super Cache, Jetpack, and WP Importer. I decided to deactivate all of them, and so far the it seems the problem has been solved on Chrome.

    Is there any downside to having WP Super Cache not activated? This plugin was not something installed by me, but rather was automatically installed and activated when I made the switch from to my own host…

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    almost forgot- running the latest firefox and WP 3.2.

    Thanks, I tried to clear Chrome’s cache, but to no avail. I switched over to Firefox to rule out anything more serious, and to my relief the changes showed up there without the de/reactivation trick, and more importantly show up instantly when I use Firefox to do my changes from the dashboard. Is Display (or any other custom wp themes for that matter) experiencing problems when people try to use Chrome?

    Not a huge problem, just more of an inconvenience. Thank you for your quick response, I am sure I will be on here frequently as my site takes shape since I have some rather lofty customization goals.


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