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    Ah unfortunately that doesn’t work because those buttons are displayed dynamically on gallery category pages. Your solution works on those pages but when you are on other pages the text widget shows up with its title and no content. Even using the Widget Context plug in does not help because it cannot differentiate between a category page and a ‘gallery category’ page and I have way too many ‘gallery category’ pages to be able to link them all individually.

    However in case anyone else needs a solution to this I was able to acheive the desired result and move the ‘Display Buttons’ to under the widgettitle h3 by adjusting the custom.js file.

    I changed line 174:

    linkContainer.prependTo(‘.sidebar .box:first’).slideDown();


    linkContainer.prependTo(‘.sidebar .box ul:first’).slideDown();

    In my case the first widget area on the gallery category pages always contains a ul directly under the <h3 class=”widgettitle”>. Adjusting this javascript code seems to have done the trick.

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    Perfect, that will work for my purposes. Thanks Dude!

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    Hey Dude,

    Thanks for getting back to me. I am not sure I understand you correctly. Firstly, I do have all my widgets in the ‘Displayed Everywhere” widget area. However I don’t want to move the Display Buttons between the widget areas I want to move their position within the widget so that they appear under the <h3 class=”widgettitle”> and not above it.

    I have done a quick screenshot of what I am talking about here:


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    By the way the theme I swapped to was the wordpress 2010 theme

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    Here’s the link Chris

    I have used the ‘Extra Widget Areas for specific Pages’ and selected the ‘Get in Touch’ page as an additional page. Then on the Appearance > Widgets page I have dragged the ‘Latest News’ widget into the newly created widget area.

    The ‘Browse by category’ and the ‘Search Locations’ widgets have been specified in the default ‘Sidebar Pages’ widget area so it is my understanding that they should not now be showing on this page.


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    Ok I have managed to resolve it myself. In case anyone else has the same issue…..

    The custom.js file in Expose 103 has been updated but the custom.js file that is linked here is based on a pre Expose 103 version. To remove the hover effect if you have Expose 103 you need to delete lines 19,20 & 21 from custom.js. The lines that contain this code:

    //applies tooltips with images

    jQuery(‘.gallery_entry’).kriesi_tooltip({applyTooltip: ‘.item_small’ });

    jQuery(‘.gallery_entry’).kriesi_tooltip({className: ‘text_tooltip tooltip’, applyTooltip: ‘.item_big’, tooltipContent:’.gallery_excerpt’});

    Once deleted the hover effect no longer appears.

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    I have followed the advice above and managed to remove the hover preview from the index/gallery. However when the page loads the gallery preview thumbnails have not been made the correct size/cropped correctly.

    To see what I mean please look at

    When you click on the ‘compact’ or ‘detailed’ tabs it refreshes the preview thumbnails and they appear correctly. If you refresh the page they become incorrect once again.

    I am not sure if crazywp is referring to this in his post but when I remove ‘echo $big_prev_image;’ from index.php it stops this behaviour but then no image loads when you click the ‘large’ tab.

    Any idea how can I stop this behaviour and get them to appear correctly?

    I am using WordPress 3.1.3, and FYI I have the NextGen Gallery Plug In installed as well.


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    Yes solved it thanks!

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    Here’s the link

    I want to remove the area where you see the ‘Comments are closed’. So that the page ends after the ‘enjoyed this post’ box.


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    Sorry I should have read your documentation before I posted – I am not used to things being so straightforward and simple. This is the first time I have used a template as opposed to coding the site myself!

    Following your very clear documentation I have done what I asked you in less than 5 minutes.


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