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    I would like to use the portfolio grid as a visual index to my content. Think of the image as the cover of a book [or in this case a newsletter].

    When you click on the portfolio item I would like to go to another page [not the portfolio item]. Potentially a page somewhere else eg MailChimp.

    In fact the suggestion I made would work just like the “Latest Themes” grid in the footer to this page! Except it woudln’t be a widget it would be functionality of the portfolio grid.

    Otherwise I am loving the theme.


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    So what I did which works for me is as follows:

    1. Go to Enfold/Styling

    2. Click on the main content tab

    3. Paste #72c4b9 over the previous blue colour in highlight colour [Im using the default colour scheme]

    4. Save all changes

    Then the hover colour has changed to the one I want on the front end.

    It does sound odd that you can’t even change the colour scheme… I’m a new user here so that

    s the only suggestion I have .. hopefully someone else can help.

    But to answer my own question about CSS changes to the heading colours, further searching showed that the !important marker is required. So this CSS works – copied from an earlier answer by Kriesi staff about another theme – but worked for Enfold.

    h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, legend { color: #5A5A5A !important; }

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    Do you mean using the Enfold settings tab or using CSS?

    At Dashboard/Enfold/Styling you can change colours for the paragraph text, link colour, borders, alternative layout background etc. This is working fine for me.

    But I can’t figure out how to change the colours for headings & CSS changes don’t seem to work. I will start a separate query re this.


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    Great theme.

    1. Agree with Sebastian’s suggestions for small fixed header WITH social icons?

    2. Control over main menu fonts/size/colour [can’t see how to do this without CSS, correct me if it’s already there]


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