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    You’ve been very kind. Your explanation is very clear. You are great!

    Just to explain my intention (and I hope it will serve to optimize your theme in later versions): I wanted to use a plugin to not change the original files of the theme.

    The instructions that you have provided to me require me to change, however, the files of the original theme. Given that I do not expect to add more languages ​​besides Italian, at this point, it seems more practical to directly translate and rewrite all the text in the file “register-admin-metabox.php.”

    It would be nice if the next update you should render those parts also translatable using Poedit.

    Thanks for the advice, but I can not appoint a freelance developer to translate the theme for me.

    You can close the post. Thank you.

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    Just to avoid any misunderstanding, I am attaching these images to describe the parts that I would like to translate.

    These are just some example.

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    Hi Ismael and thanks for your reply.

    I’m sorry but qtranslate plugin doesn’t translate the instruction of your theme that appears, for example, into the setting of the portfolio and articles (that I wrote in the past reply).

    Your theme as a folder named “config-wpml”… is it only for WPML plugin or is it compatible with other free plugin?

    I hope you can suggest to me a solution.

    Thanks for your time.

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    Thank you for your answers, but maybe I was not clear and explain what I need.

    When the user (publisher) creates a new article or portfolio item and enters the appropriate page, he will find some of the descriptions (which are part of the theme) in English, such as:

    – Slideshow Option.

    – Which slideshow do you want to use?

    Choose one of the available types slideshow here. The default Slideshow is a basic fade slider.

    – Portfolio Display Option.

    Instead of displaying a slideshow Also you can choose to show all portfolio images bellow each other

    – Autorotation active?

    Check if the slideshow Should rotate by default

    Etc. ..

    I want to translate these texts with a plugin, without changing the theme files (because it is not recommended and why I would have difficulty when there are updates).

    Can you recommend a free plugin compatible with your theme?

    I’d be very grateful.


    Thanks for the reply. I noticed that the same malfunction happens only a few times. Because each work of art has always some microscopic flaw, perhaps it is not the case to investigate further. Thanks again for your accuracy and courtesy!

    Best Regards. Glhu.

    Ok and thanks!

    Thank you for your reply and for the advice.

    I hope, however, you’ll solve this small fault in your theme almost perfect!

    Best Regards.


    In the template online any images slideshow has the Capture Text with the setting “Caption Position and Style: Right Framed”. For this reason you can not see that little imperfection in the template that is online.

    1) I installed the theme locally, without any customization

    2) I imported the dummy date

    3) The first image that appears in the slideshow on the home I gave “Caption Position and Style: Right Framed” (Right, and not Left).

    4) Mozilla and Chrome show that little margin that you can see in the pictures I’ve attached in one of the previous messages.

    I hope it was clear. Also thanks for assistance.



    Hi Nick: can you try, please, using “Caption Position and Style: Right Framed”?

    I’m sure that this small error appears only on that option (“Right Framed”, and not “Left Framed”)



    Ismal (and also Nick and Devin) thank you very much: finally the problem was solved in safari! You are great!

    I’ll notice a small defect in the caption in mozilla and chrome (which was also before updating the custom.css with the last change that you reported and therefore do not depend on it), the “Caption Position and Style: right Framed “has a very small margin / paddin right both in firefox (it looks like a couple of pixels) in both chrome (it looks like a pixel). I’ll show you the screenshots:

    Solved this imprecision, your caption will finally be perfect!

    Is there some news about this thread? It’s very important to have a solution.


    Dude, now I am certain that the problem is not the plugin and I opened another post. I do not post here because the title may mislead in searches. I apologize to you and to the author of that plugin that, very kindly, responded to my questions.

    I await your answers on the new post. Thank you!

    The plugin’s author wrote me: “The plugin will not interact with other external file. As long as you deactivate it, it will completely isolated from accessing WP function.”

    I also wrote to the author of the plugin.

    That plugin has the features “Using search wp templates to disply the result.”

    Even though I uninstalled it and deleted it is as if it had been “in memory”.


    Hi Nick. Thanks for the reply.

    Not even this solves the problem, but eliminates padding / margin in all browsers.

    Just to avoid confusion: without making any changes to the style of the original theme, the problem that you see in the pictures I sent you the link, occurs only in Safari, even looking at your theme online. As you can see in the pictures, the Caption Position and Style has that problem only on Safari.

    I hope there is a solution.

    Thanks in advance.

    Thanks for the reply.

    I can not post the link because the site is not yet public.

    As I wrote, I renamed the entry by replacing “C” to “D” (ie “D – 01”, “D – 02”, “D – 03”) and searching for “D” from the search form, the problem is not manifested.

    This means that there is a problem of the item published in the portfolio, but it is a problem with the title (with the term “C”) of the item.

    How can I fix?

    Thanks in advance.

    Thanks for your reply but I think this plugin has some problem.

    I’ve post a topic to this link: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -advance-search-query-filter?replies=1#post-111112


    Devin, I’m sorry but the problem persists.

    Of course I also deleted the history and cache in Safari.


    Ok, I’m waiting for your news.

    I have not iPad and I see this issue in Safari on my MacBook and iMac.

    If you can help by, I tell you that in the previous version of the theme the “Caption Title” gave a problem of margin/padding right in Chrome and in the new update of the theme there a similar problem in from Safari.

    Thanks, Dude. I’m waiting for your news.

    The only way I can cancel those margins is working on the select (in custom.css), insert negative values. In this way:

    . awqsf_box select {



      min-width: 232px;


    “select” is inherited from Layout.css and Base.css.

    In Base.css “select” has the property margin-bottom: 20px (line 218).

    Unfortunately, in Safari I have a problem because it happens that it moves the sensitive area, corresponding to the button to the right of the form, for the appearance of the drop-down menu.

    Can you help me, it’s very important.

    Thanks in advance.


    For ” installation of the template” I meant to say “the update”…

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    I solved the error: in the updated theme there are some new files that do not exist in the old and that I had not copied. I preferred to directly install the new template and update the custom.css of the old theme.

    @ Ismael.

    The problem of “. Slideshow_inner_caption” has been resolved.

    Thank you both for the assistance: you are great!

    in reply to: Coherence Caption Position and Style #115974

    The error that appears is this:

    “Warning: require(/web/htdocs/ failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /web/htdocs/ on line 173 Fatal error: require(): Failed opening required ‘/web/htdocs/’ (include_path=’.:/php5.3/lib/php/’) in /web/htdocs/ on line 173”

    in reply to: Coherence Caption Position and Style #115973


    @ Ismael: I’m trying to install the updates; I hope it depends on what.

    @nick and tanks for your reply and instructions. For me it’s the fist time I use wordpress and its updates.

    I followed your instructions but I’ve some difficult to install Coherence theme Updates (without overwriting customization).

    Actually I’ve installed on my server (and perfectly functionally) the version 1.4.1.

    I proceed in this way:

    1) From Fire FTP I downloaded the theme installed on my server (perfectly functionally)

    2) From Themeforest I download the Updates.

    3) I use DiffMarge to compare the two different versions and update.

    4) When I’ve finished, using FireFTP I transfer the file (all) in the same directory of the installation…

    5) On the browser appears message of error (it doesn’t find some file or code) and the site does not work…

    Have you any suggestion?

    I’ve installed the new version (1.5) of the theme in localhost and it’s, of course, perfectly functionally….

    Thanks in advance.

    in reply to: Coherence Caption Position and Style #115968

    Hi Ismael, hi Wahjay. I’ve tried adding the code to the custom.css, but nothing changes.

    I’m sorry but the customer doesn’t authorize me to show public the link of the site because it’s in “work in progress”.

    I repeat, however, that the error happens also in the original template installed, without having made any change.

    I hope you can help us!

    Best regards and thanks.

    in reply to: Coherence Caption Position and Style #115964

    Ah: this problem appears on Chrome, but not using Safari and Mozilla.

    in reply to: Eunoia main-title background color #113705

    I solved in this way. Again, thanks!

    .title_container {



    in reply to: WIDGET MISALIGNED #111606

    Yes, you’re right! After resetting the type of sidebar pages “Page: Sidebar Right” and “Page: Sidebar Left”, everything works perfectly. ;-)

    Thanks and Regards.

    in reply to: WIDGET MISALIGNED #111604

    Hello Devin.

    The problem also occurs online, and I’m sure why this morning I finally tested on an address that will host the project, and that I can not make public for confidentiality agreements agreed with the customer, until the project was not approved.

    To be of help to others who have this same problem, I report here the solution. Should be included in custom.css theme of the following style:

    . widget_nav_menu {

         padding: 30px 0;


    You did not answer me about the theme pages with sidebar that is displayed incorrectly. Here’s what I am referring: (go to “teplate file” / Page: Sidebar Right).

    I downloaded the theme and there’s the same problem when I import Dummy Data, both in “Page: Sidebar Left” or as “Page: Sidebar Right”. I tried it locally on multiple computers without making changes and this error always occurs.

    Thank you for the time you gave me.



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