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    I have sometimes the same problem.

    just because of no reason all my categorys are not visible anymore.

    but there are still on the server, but not in the shop anymore, after the update to 1.4 and the latest update of woocommerce it was perfect.

    till today 2 hours ago.

    i recognize that then also my server is not responding anymore, i cant login or put anything on the website.

    the only result is to restart the server. i am happy to have a vps, because sometimes i need to restart 3 times a day.

    it would be great if somebody knows this problem.

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    many thanks for the great support.

    it works, but then also the other buttons in the hole site will go gray.and i prefer them to stay green

    to have green buttons is perfect for me but i would like to have at the shoppingcart ( winkelwagen)

    only the “afrekenen”button green and the other buttons “kortingsbon”and winkelwagen bijwerken’ gray.

    is it possible to make only the kortingsbon button and winkelwagen bijwerken button gray and all the other’s green

    again many thanks for your assistance

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    Dear Devin and Ismael,

    yesterday there was an update from wp super cache and in this update there was an cookie fix.

    till now all the problems resolved, i can login and the basket is working good.

    I will keep you update

    thanks for the very good feedback

    in reply to: no icons vissible in sidebar_tabcontainer #113580

    hello, it was not working and i think that my cdn was the problem ( maxcdn)

    i delete everything from my server and started again from zero. i am not using now cdn and it is working.

    only now i have the problem that i can only login in and put products in my basket in explorer and not in firefox or chroom :-(

    do you know maybe an solution for this, in the meantime i will search also..

    many thanks in advance


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    hello,thank you for the fast reply.

    i am still trying a lot of thing before i really start to setup the complete site.

    it’s about

    thanks in advance

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)