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    I thought it might be the image path, so I deleted, reuploaded, copied, etc. and it still didn’t work.

    Then I tried grabbing one of my product images that is appearing fine on its product page, on the category page, etc. and it is also NOT appearing in any widget I put it in…

    If you look at my blog page ( you will see I have the space for it showing in the sidebar (it is the top “text” widget) and here is the image URL I am using — using square brackets instead of code brackets so you can see the full path.

    [img src “”]I am putting in img src= but when I save and check code again the “=” has been removed.

    So how do I get any image to show up in any of my sidebars?

    Completely deleted WP Super Cache and this post appeared. Also, the code changes I had done following another thread here to remove the “meta” info on each blog post also finally showed up as done correctly too. After reading about the security hole this plugin created I’ve pretty much decided the speed increase it may bring isn’t worth the hassles.

    Anyone know of a good alternative? Or, even knowing that Google wants speed, is it better to just do without one of these?


    in reply to: Been trying to add an autoresponder opt in with no luck #115494

    I have not been trying to put images into a widget title. I am leaving the widget title area blank.

    I have been trying to use compliant image code in the text area of the text widget. In other words I want this to appear in a text widget in the sidebar of my blog, pages, etc.:

    code edit using [ so you can see the code [img src=”” alt =”sayhidiscount”]

    followed by the mailchimp code. Only the Mailchimp code shows up even though the image is 180×90 so it should fit within the column width of the sidebar.

    in reply to: How to use images that aren't large to begin with? #115642

    OK, so I have to replace all images, then use the regenerate thumbnails plugin. So they need to be “690xwhat?” or bigger.


    What would I need to do to customize the theme so I could use images that are “250×400” or “200×250” or whatever and have them appear where the current “meta” information on the blog pages appear — the category, author name, number of comments? Would that even be doable? Or is it so complex I would I need to hire a programmer to figure it out?



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    So, let me ask again to be sure I’m following you here. I can put my html code in the widget (it displays just fine, btw), but if I want to use an image as a header instead of text above the form, I need to create some CSS to wrap it in and put that in the theme options custom CSS? I already have the image created and uploaded to my media gallery, but I’ve tried putting the URL into my form in place of the headline text but it will not display.

    Could you point me towards a short CSS tutorial that would teach me how to write this that won’t take weeks or months to learn. I am not a theme or website developer. I am a writer who understands marketing and SEO, but not design or code.



    in reply to: Blog Page and Post Layout #113938

    Hey Dude,

    Sorry, but none of the steps on this page worked on my blog. I replaced all the code in all the files you indicated and did the short CSS change, but nothing. Any other suggestions?



    in reply to: Blog Page and Post Layout #113936

    I have followed each step above, but it hasn’t worked for me. I previously gave Nick a username and password to use on another issue if you’d like to take a look “under the hood.”



    in reply to: Product Image Resolutions and Sizes not right #113426

    Nick thanks for all your help all day today. I’m not glad to have brought you such a weird linking problem, but I am glad you were able to figure it out as well as my problems with the images and now this.


    in reply to: Product Image Resolutions and Sizes not right #113423

    Did not work at all Devin. I am sending an email to the gmail address Nick provided because now there are weird things happening and I am not able to view one of my two test products on a product detail page at all and all I did was delete the old image and upload a new one proportional to your slideshow.

    I would like to set up a temporary admin user so someone there can go in and take a look and tell me what can be done to fix this. Your preferred slideshow size is totally inappropriate for my product images and my efforts to make the math work are just making things worse.

    Thanks in advance to whoever can respond fast and help me!


    in reply to: Logo links to domain home, not homepage #113395

    If I do that, will I lose all the theme options and workarounds I have set up when I switch back? ~Liz

    in reply to: Logo links to domain home, not homepage #113393

    I did set the homepage in the theme settings to the “Welcome” page. I also tried deselecting it there and setting it in Settings>Reading>Static homepage> Welcome. The third thing I tried was setting both of them to “Welcome.” None of those worked.

    I currently have 301 redirects from and set to direct to

    This works and I would leave it at that, but it slows down the load time of the site, which we all know is bad for SEO (and the user) , so I would like to get this properly resolved.



    in reply to: Product Image Resolutions and Sizes not right #113421

    Thanks Devin,

    I will resize all my images to 450×355 tall. If I do that though, will the theme then follow the directions I input in WooCommerce catalog tab to size single images at yx240, catalog images at yx120 and thumbnails at yx80, or will I have to use either thumb regeneration or the simple image size plugin to make sure those images appear at those sizes?



    in reply to: Lost Setting When moving site #81734

    Hey all, I’m not sure but I think I may have an answer that will work in this case. I have a piece of paid software called “WP Twin.” It costs around $100 and there may be other alternatives out there for less or free.

    The software clones a site so you can move it to another domain whether it is on the same server or not. I have not tried it with Propulsion, but I know it has preserved theme options from another theme like heading, styles, etc. These were simple installations that I have cloned (niche blogs) with no where near the amount of customization as is found here, but it might be worth a test run.

    Hope that helps,


    in reply to: Product Image Resolutions and Sizes not right #113419

    Thanks for moving the thread, I wasn’t sure where it belonged, but I know I need to get this resolved and fast. I understand your response and will go through all that if I have to, but I think there is something else going on here that is more directly related to the theme itself. I have Propulsion 1.9.1 and I’m running WordPress 3.5.1 with WooCommerce 2.0.5 so I’m all up to date.

    I realized last night that you have removed the “Feature Image” option on the Product pages. I am forced to enter images in a slideshow. The slideshow is preset to be sized at 468x by something, so I think it’s taking my images and outputting them at that size, then using that as the original image size to recalculate all the others.

    I had originally uploaded the Lavender image, for example, at 174×320. It’s the height I want to keep constant as I think that makes the catalog grid view more pleasing. The width can and will be variable by image. I saw that was going to be too large, so I deleted that and tried again with an image at 94×240. I have a catalog of about 100 products I will need to input and I have already sized all the images to be proportionally correct and true to that height.

    I can and will upload much larger proportional images and let WordPress do its thing on resizing for all the different places, but I do not want single product images the size required for a slideshow. In fact, I do not want a slideshow on single product pages at all. I want my “featured image” and additional image gallery back as it is in WooCommerce standard.

    How do I do that? BTW, I appreciate the way you guys answer questions; you’re both prompt and clear. You’ve made it easier for me to follow along and get things done.




    in reply to: Logo links to domain home, not homepage #113391

    I have created my own workaround here…using the Redirection plugin to quickly make 301 redirects from to But…this slows down the load time considerably so it is not a good fix for this problem.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to get to display as



    in reply to: Logo links to domain home, not homepage #113390

    While you are looking at those two pages, can you tell me why my product images look as blurry and overblown as they do. I have set just image heights in the catalog tab of Woo Commerce as this:

    catalog: 160px

    single: 240px

    thumbnail: 80

    I have made sure that the product images I upload and attach to the slideshow on each product page are actually sized at 240px height. They are also higher resolution images and while they do look a little sharper on the single product page, they are not true to the original quality.

    In this featured product section on they appear to be different sizes (although both products were sized to be the same) and look like they’ve been blown up so much they’ve become blurry (and yes, I did run the regenerate thumbnail plugin on everything). They also don’t look like they are adhering to the sizes I set above in this section, on the Oils Shop page or on the single product page.

    Where and how do I straighten that out?

    Tearing my hair out with all these fixes guys. Not one thing has worked right out of the box the way it’s suppose to or the way described in the documentation. Can’t wait until I need to start working on the template page for a new custom post type I need to create. Can you point me in the direction of some tutorials for dummies on how to do that while we’re at it…



    in reply to: Propulsion WooCommerce 2.0 Bug thread #110854

    I have a couple of issues with product displays using Woo Commerce that sort of sound like what you’ve discussed here, but I am not sure.

    Please see this page as my example:

    1. The text next to the image is repeated in the “Description” tab below. I actually entered this text in the “short description” box beneath the post box first, but then had to move it to the post box to get it to appear next to the image. Is this part of the known bug? It is not a problem to switch these around as I build products, unless this is going to get fixed in a future update of the plugin and mess up my display. What can/should I do to prevent this?

    2. I would like to rename that “Description” tab to be “More Info” and use it to display additional text, images, etc. about the product.

    3. I entered the text currently showing in the “short description” tab in the post body initially, but had to move it to short description to get it to show in the first tab. (See above questions about switching the order)

    4. In the “short description” I also used html “p” tags and even tried “break” tags, but can not get it to correctly display paragraphs.

    4. I do not want this first tab called “short description. I would like to rename it “Details”

    Where and how do I need to make these changes?



    in reply to: Can't get changes to "stick" #113259

    I had some success (the social share buttons finally went away) but turning off the other plugins also created other problems. I currently have Akismet, WooCommerce, Google XML Sitemaps and WordPress SEO active as these are all key to this site working properly.

    I was unable to successfully deactivate the BBpress plugin. I deactivated it along with the others, but then had to turn it back on because I was not allowed to do anything until I did. I saw the notice in the other thread about removing the requirement, and posted there about not being able to find the page that would allow me to turn off the requirement for this plugin. I do not anticipate ever having a forum on this site.

    While I wait for an answer there, I thought I would start to load up my products. However, when I went to try to add a product, I received this error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_enqueue_media() in ../wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/admin/woocommerce-admin-init.php on line 424.

    Also, How do I change the “Dribble” social icon to “YouTube” ? Can I duplicate a “open bracket li close bracket” list item

    that’s there and change it to any other social network (i.e. copy and paste Twitter and replace all instances of “twitter” with Pinterest)



    in reply to: Propulsion WooCommerce 2.0 Bug thread #110849

    Nick, 4 days ago you posted the info below on how to stop the forced install and activation of BBpress. I tried to follow this but couldn’t find the /admin.register-plugins.php file in either wp-includes or the includes file in the BBpress plugin. I also looked for it in wp-admin. Nothing. Could you please provide the rest of the path or could there be a different file name for it?




    The bug about being forced to install BBpress can be fixed by opening up /includes/admin/register-plugins.php file and deleting everything inside it. Inside the now empty file, you should add the code found here



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