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    Hi Andy,

    thanx a lot for your reply :)

    I read a lot through the support forum in the meantime on all issues about safari causing problems with enfold.
    There I found the idea, that it might be ‘ü’ or ‘ö’ or ‘ä’ in the files’ names, that might lead to problems with Safari. So I started to rename all the pictures named that way. The ‘ö’ became ‘oe’ and so on, as well as ‘ß’ became ‘ss’.
    Now it seems to work – also on older Safari versions and older smartphones like iPhone 4 wich cannot be updated to the newest levels as they are used by iPhone 6 S.

    If there is still something, I’d be thankful to come back to U.

    Thanx a lot so far and cheers!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)