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    Am having same problem, but read the post regarding the upgrade to ‘Avisio’ so have downloaded the upgrade. Before I attempt an update to the theme can anyone give a little guidance on the correct way to update the theme so as to minimise any problems?

    Many thanks for help or guidance……

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    Hi James

    1 minute, done………………

    Many thanks as always James


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    Hi Support

    Have been away for a few days so only just read your update, thanks for the reply. I seem to have not explained myself clearly enough and it is quite difficult to describe what I am talking about. When you gave the reply above to select between the lightbox and link to the individual portfolio entry, I have that selected to go to the individual entry from the portfolio pages.

    However, when I am in the individual portfolio item page seeing the larger picture displayed, when I click on that there is a link that is trying to display a larger version of the picture in a lightbox?? That is the function I wish to turn off?

    You can see the effect at:

    Thanks for your patience guys


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    Brilliant as usual Dude.

    I know it sounds like laziness but it is so much quicker to ask than try and fumble your way around trying to sort something and destroying all the work in the meantime. Thank you again.

    Not an important problem but you showed me how to use the excerpt field and the result is exactly what was required. But, does the wordpress system allow you to use the editor tools such as bold, colour fonts, etc etc in the exerpt field or is it plain text? Just curious??

    As for the bottom widgets on the footer. Works perfectly, but if I asked if it is possible to just remove the pages list and leave other widgets, is that easy enough or does it have to remove all the widgets??

    Many thanks again for your time Dude.


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    Hi Dude

    Me again. I can hear you groaning! lol

    The work you did has been brilliant and the site is really coming along nicely. But if its not too much trouble, a couple of answers required.

    1. Is it possible or not to remove or amend the widgets on the footer, ie. how to remove the list of pages? Where do i go to alter these items?

    2. Is the update to v1.2 a straightforward download and overwrite the existing theme files? My theme shows v1.1 and not sure i have seen somewhere that v1.1 has a problem with the opening of large image after clicking on small image. My screen shows small blank white area and locks the screen. Am sure i have seen this somewhere on the support forum and think it had something to do with v1.1?

    3. Lastly, for the clients request. How do I remove the content from the portfolio listings and instead simply have the thumbnail, a product code and a price, for example with the more button. On clicking the more button you would then see the product page with the full description. Does all that make sense?

    I really appreciate your help in getting the site and theme working as we would like…….

    Many thanks


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    Hi Dude

    Have setup as requested. Any further info or help, please let me know.

    Thanks in advance


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    Hi Dude

    Now i am getting a little confused? All i did was change the code as you gave me and the appearance of the page changed to reflect my request which is to remove the:

    ” Posted in: Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Lounge-Mar 09, 2011 Comments Off ” and at the bottom of the page content the following ” Comments are closed. “?

    But in removing the above it left the sidebar empty with just the shadow graphic showing. All i did, (thinking it may have been me not setting the pagetype correctly) was to try changing the post template to full width. (there are only two selections available, full width and default template). If i changed the template it gets rid of the posted text but leaves the shadow?

    Do you have a PM or email address i can let you have the login details to have a look. It is only on a testing site but perhaps would be useful for you to see the pages in situ?

    Many thanks again


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    Hi Guys

    Update on latest post. I was checking the portfolio items and if I set the post template to default template, the mods work, if I set to full width, which is the type i would like, the mods dont work, so appears that the mod is fine if you use the default template. However, this includes the sidebar area which i dont want. Without anything in the sidebar, I get the shadow graphic showing which does not look too good?

    Can anything be done to work with the full width template???



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    Hi Dude or James

    Shock, Horror, Gasp! After doing what instructed with the single.php file above and seeing the difference the portfolio items have reverted to showing the original problem:

    ” Posted in: Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Lounge-Mar 09, 2011 Comments Off ” and at the bottom of the page content the following ” Comments are closed. “?

    Even though when I check the code in the file it shows the amendment i made after your recommendations above?? Bit weird?

    Thanks again


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    Absolutely brilliant Dude! Quick copy and paste and the client is running around with arms waving!!!

    This is some support. And when you hear some of the complaints people make re these themes and how they cant get them to work, beats me when they have help like you around???

    Many thanks again.


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    Hi Dude

    Just hoping that i am doing this correctly. Hope things are in the right place, not an often poster! Things are looking really good with the theme and the paypal buttons etc etc. However, using the same thought process to sell items, how do i remove the reference on the portfolio item pages to the text ” Posted in: Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Lounge-Mar 09, 2011 Comments Off ” and at the bottom of the page content the following ” Comments are closed. “?

    If I am posting in the wrong place please let me know and i will repost in correct place. Just thought the help was all related to the paypal button problem?

    Also, how do I attach a screenshot to illustrate a point in question??

    Many thanks for the usual excellent support


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    Thanks Dude

    Many thanks for the info and the leads for the shopping cart plugins. I am going to give it a test on a local server and see how easy to implement into the theme. I am just a little worried that it may be a bit difficult but will give it a go. I am sure after a few mistakes it will be right. My original idea was to simply put the code for the paypal button in an area of the product listing page, but we’ll see…..

    Thanks again for the excellent support.


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    Hi James

    Thank you for the reply. I would like to use the theme because the colours , layout and general design is superb. The client wants to sell handmade stone products and the theme is ideal I think for us to use Avisio. I thought we could use their standard paypal account and use the paypal design your own buttons to place a add to cart button against each of the products that I would introduce using the product detail page. Is is just a case of using the admin section to add the button code in the appropriate plac waye.??? I am fairly new with wordpress but have found my way around it with reasoable success recently.

    Thank you ahead of any help you can offer.


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