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    Problem solved. Yippie.
    I was under the the wrong (after surfing thru some topics here) impression that I had the newest version (1.5.) installed.
    After updating to 1.7. all looks fine.

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    I just looked at the footer.php file and compared it to the original footer.php. I noticed I had these slashes ” ” everywhere while there weren´t any in the original file.

    So I just deleted all those and then the error message was gone and funnily the picture loaded again.

    This is weird because I have not touched my footer.php for weeks and surely wouldn´t but weird slashes in there.

    How bizarre.

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    I have the same problem! All loading wheels.

    I just noticed it today as I visited my site again. The site was fine a few days ago.

    So my website is pretty much useless at the moment because I mostly display pictures as portfolio items or that are in slideshows.

    Now it´s all loading wheels and I put a “Under construction” placeholder up until this is figured out.

    I also have some error message at the bottom of the page, not sure if this is related though.

    It says: “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘”‘, expecting T_STRING in /www/htdocs/********/wp-content/themes/angular/footer.php on line 9”

    I am using the latest Firefox. All images are hosted on the same server.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)