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    I found another question.
    For the footer area.. Is it possible to have ‘avia layout builder’ like options there? Making it possible to build more complex footers with images, text, form, and other functions. If not, is there another good work around so each page has the same content at the bottom, but without having to duplicate is in the wordpress dashboard?


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    Sure. Use that direct link. Since the root url does a redirect.
    For the entire site I am still testing things out. On that linked page (portfolio) there are two gallery’s with the same content.
    – Portfolio Grid
    – Masonry

    Both of them read from the 3 portfolio categories. A, B and C.
    There are 4 portfolio entries. Spread out over those categories. All four have one or more “preview image”, no “featured image”. Screenshot:

    Many thanks,
    Robert Berrier

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    Will do Sarah,

    Do you still have a solution for point 2?

    2) There doesn’t seem to be an option for links/websites/profiles that are not part of the already standardized social media list. For example, I would like to have in there as well. But there is no option for it. Either a generic “link” option, or a more custom solution where I can include a custom icon. Is there a way to do this myself through script/code?

    too bad, thanks for letting me know :)


    Robert Berrier


    Even though things are coming along nicely on my site with the Corona theme. I have however found what seems to be a bug.

    I am trying to use shortcodes to get a “content slider” intro a “tabbed content” shortcode structure. However, no matter what I try this will break the “content slider”. You can find an example of this at the bottom of:

    The code I am using is:


    [tab_container initial_open=”1″]

    [tab title=”t1″]

    [slideshow ]

    [slide title=”s1″]s1 content goes here.[/slide]

    [slide title=”s2″]s2 content goes here.[/slide]



    [tab title=”t2″]t2 content goes here.[/tab]

    [tab title=”t3″]t3 content goes here.[/tab]


    I also tried that piece of code on other pages, but still the same broken result.

    The forum search gave me this: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -only

    So I tried to reset some of the possible altered files to their “fresh install” state, but no effect.

    Any tips on how to fix this?


    Robert Berrier

    Hi Chris,

    This is the good stuff, thanks!

    Will be doing some more tweaking to the website this week.

    Thanks again,

    Robert Berrier

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)