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    So I should put it in the index.php before the frontpage check and not in the header? I’d experiment with it right now but the site is live and I have a 301 redirect in place.

    Put it in it’s own <?php block or right before “do_action(‘avia_action_frontpage_check’);”?

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    I was actually trying to learn something. I figured it was put in for a reason and I’d like to know why. Is it SEO? Good practice? Some other secret I’m not aware of?

    Removing it isn’t a big deal, I’ve already edited a lot of the php, but that was not my question.

    in reply to: Choices google maps widget direction pop-up #103993

    Great. Thanks.

    One more issue with the google maps widget. If you add content to the Info Bubble Content textarea of the widget it doesn’t resize the box properly and distorts the direction button.

    Seems like the problem is hard coded in the height here<div style=”cursor: default; position: absolute; left: 18px; top: 18px; z-index: 2; overflow: auto; width: 213px; height: 67px; “>. There’s no way in css to target the parent div and adjust the css. Seems like the only way is using js and I don’t have the skills for that.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)