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    Hey guys… I’ve recently implemented the Corona theme on my website, and love the aviacordion slider. One question that has been asked on my team, and looks like it has been asked here, is the possibility of the aviacordion functioning on the ipad. I figure I’d inquire on this post since it was last asked 3 months ago just to see if there had been any updates there.

    As Kriesi mentions it’s natural this wouldn’t work considering the hover state. I’ve been looking through the code to see try to at least understand how aviacordion works, and one solutions I’ve come up with is possible forcing a double click on the ipad.

    To elaborate, if there’s some type of check in the script to see if it’s a browser or mobile/ipad device… if it’s a web browser if functions as it does now… if it’s a mobile or ipad… a first click slides open the banner (as if you had hovered), and then the second click (if on that opened banner) would bring up the lightbox… so each first click just slides open that banner.

    Kriesi how difficult do you see an update like this being to aviacordion? Curious your thoughts.

    Thanks again guys!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)