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  • in reply to: tabbed content tab title color #69199

    Awesome stuff! Is there any way to make only the selected tab be a specific color, or any similar effect, like underlining it or what not.

    The examples given above, at least in the Angular theme, make all tabs change color.


    ps. When adding lots of these little tweaks for the theme, is it better to put that in Custom.css rather than using the Quick css all the time? It’s getting full :P Does any of them make the theme perform slower?

    in reply to: CSS Request: Center and enlarge Content Slider Numbers #67872

    I would like to add to this topic by asking if there’s any possibility to showing a short description, like “About me” or “Experience” instead of showing numbers in the Content Slider?


    ps. Crap i just noticed Im posting in the wrong forum, I’m using Angular :S

    in reply to: Angular: Make Slideshow cast Drop Shadow #69824

    Thanks for the tip. Will definitely check that out!

    Speaking of drop shadows. I am going for a boxed layout rather than the stretched one, and I wonder if there’s any way of adding a drop shadow to the box? This site is using a good example of that:

    Thank you for the quick support, wonderful to see the ongoing task to serve customers.


    If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m a complete noob in regards to .css or anything more advanced than creating simple html in a notepad ;)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)