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    ah, sorry the bad break in my message was an li tag – I want to use the default (in my case, arial) font in the navigation and use cufon in the h1 h2 tags

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    answered my own query with some further detective work…the file i was looking for was class-framework-widgets.php. :)

    in reply to: Flashlight – Featured image #53558

    ah, got it, it’s just my old blog posts had ‘inline’ images soo when i changed them to fit the theme (using the intregral gallery system) they showed up. Only downside is i’ll need to repopulate my old posts for the theme to work to it’s full potential but I can handle that.

    Thanks :)

    one more thing though….

    I would like th shorten the date/time imformation that is displayed in the latest posts widget I have in my sidebar….

    …as i feel it is giving the user too much information and I don’t like how it is displaying on two lines. what file within the theme structure is this information held in as I can’t seem to find it and changing the generic wp date display settings don’t seem to make any difference?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)