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    Thank you again with helping me with this…

    This is still an issue for me, I am able to put it in through the gallery but I am unable to put it in through the “Set Featured Image” even if I import the dummy shop from WooCommerce and “Set Featured Image” with one of the Tshirts and then do an update and publish – it just disappears like magic… it is the weirdest thing and then inside the WordPress dashboard – the image is no longer there and you have to”Set Featured Image” but that doesn’t work either, I have setup two test websites to show you what I mean, and I think I will try and put this as a separate issue in the forum as it might get lost, really hoping someone might be able to tell me what is going on or if it is a server issue? The images are all under the uploaded folder and they have different sizing etc… and it seems they have been imported with 646 file attributes (There should be all product pictures on display but they are not displaying at all) (There should be a picture under the heading of the tshirt and it has disappeared, and also disappeared from the “all product list”) all I did here was set featured picture that was already set and then it disappeared? on two different sites??

    Here are the images of inside the dashboard

    Here I have set the featured image

    Here in the next step I have updated and published and the image has disappeared

    And in the All Products Menu and the actual product menu the image has disappeared

    I remember quite a long time ago with another WordPress theme that I needed to apply special file permissions to a JS folder, maybe it could be something similar?

    I am quite new to this and would really appreciate a simple approach to help resolving this incredibly frustrating issue please, thank you.

    in reply to: 2 quick Flashlight questions and 1 not so quick … maybe #104189


    Thank you so much for your reply… as you can see I have applied the changes and at least now the menu is displaying correctly, now the only issue is trying to make the image stay there, I have imported the picture (it is actually a sample picture from the demo – so I know it must be the correct size) but for some reason it refuses to show… is there also a trick to this? Or maybe a file format or sizing? Or simply something that I have not done correctly?

    By the way, I also had a look at your site, it looks amazing – love your photography, very well done!

    Thank you for your advice, really do appreciate it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)