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    I just tried that. I activated Twenty Eleven, and the sale stickers disappeared. Then I reactivated Replete, and they reappeared. BUT! One thing I thought I would try just for fun is to put in a price for a product. (None of my products have prices yet.) That actually made the sale sticker go away on that product. This is a new thing. Maybe they changed the way it works, and some how Replete does something different than other themes with that? Before there were no sale stickers even though I had no prices. Anyway, I guess that solves it. (I must be the only person out there with no prices!)

    As for the WooCommerce forums, not only do I not have access to post on them, they won’t even let you LOOK at them unless you own a paid theme from them, unfortunately. I’ve already tried that. Just so you know.

    Anyway, thanks for all of your suggestions. I appreciate it.

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    Well, this is certainly good to know, but it doesn’t solve my problem ultimately. What happens when I actually DO want to put certain items on sale? This bit of css will prevent that, right? I think I need to find out why this is happening, because it tells me something is not working properly. (But thank you for telling me at least how to solve it in the short term.) What can I do?

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    I tried this suggestion and it made no difference. The “sale” sticker remains on every product. I don’t think a plugin is causing the problem. (?)

    This is a new occurrence, and the only thing I have done differently is update WooCommerce and update Replete. (But it started before I updated Replete.)

    What is it that triggers the sale sticker? Is it putting a price in the “sale price” for a product? (If that is how it works, I have never done that at all yet.) I would like to understand how this works. I can’t find it in any documentation, including WooCommerce.

    I’m pretty new to WordPress and it seems like whenever I update things, there is a good chance something will go wrong. :(

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    Well, what I figured out after posting is that not ALL of the settings were lost but a handful – enough to make it look like all of them at first glance. But they were all things from my custom.css. I was eventually able to fix everything through Firebug by copying the *entire* css path instead of things like #top… and that seemed to make things work again. I don’t know why that would all of a sudden be necessary but that solved it. Whew.

    in reply to: notification of theme update – not notified #121832

    Ah, ok. Thanks! I’ll do that.

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    I just did exactly what you say to do and I lost all of my customizations, even though my custom.css file is still there. That is frustrating. Not happy.

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    I stumbled upon this thread because I have the same problem. I just updated Replete to version 1.4.1 and it still shows everything on sale. Help! I haven’t set anything to be on sale at all because I’m still developing my site. Now all of a sudden, everything has the sale sticker.

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    Maybe it will show as a link if I make it:

    in reply to: entire site looks too small in Safari #117284

    The link to my site is in my previous comment. I didn’t realize I needed to put it in again. It is:

    Since I’m a little confused by your code above, and the sidebar is not the only issue, I will wait for you to see my site live. Thank you!

    By the way, I agree, the Replete demo looks the same for me in both browsers as well. That is why I know something is wrong with my site. I just wish I knew what…

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    Thank you for your help on this.

    1. I tried deactivating plugins and that did not help.

    2. I already know about that method of zooming. That is not the issue here. But thanks anyway.

    You did not mention if the site looks the same for you on Safari and Firefox. I’m curious to know if it is only happening on my end.

    In the meantime, I figured out how to share my screenshots through Dropbox. (I commented out some of the customizations I had made, just in case, and I also commented out the code you gave me (above) that fixed the one filter widget. This way you can see the overall effect.)

    This shows farther down the page how the filter widget gets cut off in Safari:

    Does this happen when you view the site? And you would think that if it were a simple zooming issue, it would act like a responsive site and not chop off part of the widget. (?)

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    I am not quite sure how to show you the screen shots. ? However, the site is Can you compare what you see in Safari to Firefox? This shouldn’t matter but I’m on a Macbook Pro. On my computer the whole thing appears to be zoomed out in Safari, but I have not changed any settings in that browser, nor can I find a way to make it different. It looks right in Firefox.

    If you tell me how to post my screen shots, I will do that, too. Thanks! I hope I didn’t do something to mess up something.

    The two recent plugins I have added are Taxonomies Filter Widget, and Woocommerce Quickview, both purchased from Envato. Maybe one of them is causing a conflict?

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    Oh, wow, THANK you!!! It worked. I would never have figured that out. You are wonderful. :)

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    Hmmm… it doesn’t look too small? I was comparing to Firefox. It is way bigger and thicker in Firefox. In Safari, it is way too small. That is wierd. I am using the default settings in Safari. I wish there was a way to send you what I am seeing.

    So does everything look really small on your end?

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    I really appreciate you having a look. This page shows the “filter” button being cut off in Safari. But all pages have the same problem of being small. I hope I didn’t screw something up!

    in reply to: no image borders? #113834

    Thanks. I wanted to let you know, in case someone else is looking for the same thing I was, that your answer sent me on the path to figuring out exactly what I wanted, which was to simply add wrapped_style to the list of classes already listed for the image on a page (if that makes sense) and it worked perfectly.

    Second, in case anyone is searching the forum for a quick view feature, I found this plugin that works great!

    Just FYI! :)

    in reply to: no image borders? #113832

    Sorry – one more question. Is there a way to add a “quick view” to a product thumbnail so you don’t have to click off the page and go to the individual product page? I’m looking for something like you see in this theme demo: Thanks!

    in reply to: Inserting An Image or Images On The Homepage? #111623

    Never mind. Figured it out. Thanks again.

    in reply to: Inserting An Image or Images On The Homepage? #111622

    Thank you very much. As for the second question above, can you answer that one, too, please? Thanks again! :)

    in reply to: Inserting An Image or Images On The Homepage? #111620

    Update to my question. I was able to get shortcodes to work from within the template builder. I found some code here:

    But I’m left with 2 questions:

    1. Can you input anything from the static page level and have it show up if you have built a dynamic template and are using that for your static page?

    2. The feature I want is not tabbed content after all. So what is that called – the thing that is on Steve’s homepage (above) and also on the homepage of the Replete demo, and where would I find the code for it?

    Many, many thanks!

    in reply to: Inserting An Image or Images On The Homepage? #111619

    I have been struggling with my homepage, and stumbled upon this thread through my searches. I am wondering how you use a combination of the template builder and a static homepage to build a front page, like Steve above? I can’t get anything from the static home page to show up. Only the content from the dynamic template appears.

    Do you add content to the blank “content” area? If so, it’s not working for me.

    I would like to include tabbed content (I assume that is what it is called) like Steve has on the lower part of his page, and like that which is also on the Replete demo home page. I’m having zero success getting it to appear from the static version of the page. I’m using the shortcode insertion icon to add it. Is this wrong? I can’t find an option to add it in the template builder. Oh, I’m so confused.

    Thanks in advance!

    in reply to: manually move crop position? #108674

    That’s unfortunate, but good to know. Thanks for clarifying.

    I’m still having problems with the Layered Nav widget not showing up. (I do have a side bar, am using the correct shop page, and everything else I put there shows up so I know it is done correctly.) I realize this could be a Woocommerce problem and not a Replete problem, but I have scoured the internet, searching on every term I can think of, and can’t find an answer. I’ve read all the docs for Woocommerce, too (which are pretty sparse).

    I also notice that the Woocommerce documentation seems to be contradictory. It tells you in the documentation “Custom attributes can be applied here too by choosing ‘Custom product attribute’ from the select box. These are added at the product level and won’t be available in the layered navigation.” However, if you go to Products > Attributes in the WordPress admin panel to set up the attributes, it says “You can use these attributes in the shop sidebar using the “layered nav” widgets.”. They are referring to the custom attributes that show up in the dropdown menu on the product page – the same one they say you can’t use in the documentation. And if you select these options, then “update”, they immediately disappear again, so it’s mute.

    There is also an option to type in a word, and those seem to stick on update, but still, no layered nav appears in the sidebar.

    I’m so frustrated and I don’t know where to turn. I spent many hours yesterday going in circles with this. Please can you help? Is it the combination of Woocommerce and Replete?

    in reply to: manually move crop position? #108672

    Oh sorry. I didn’t refresh the page. I figured with the time difference it was night there! I’ll work on that. In the meantime, do you have an answer to the question above, regarding the caption under the product thumbnail image? Can I change it from the product name to something else? Thanks!

    in reply to: manually move crop position? #108671

    Ok, I figured out that you have to use “shop overview page”, and not the actual page that you designate as your shop page. Huh. But still, the widget called Layered Nav does not appear, although Recently Viewed does this time.

    I wonder if I have incorrectly set up the criteria for the Layered Nav widget to work. I created attributes (in Products > Attributes), following the documentation here:

    They claim that this is how you can allow a site visitor to filter attributes to find a product. Ex. funny, birthday OR artistic, blank inside – that sort of thing. I set up attributes and then assigned the correct ones to each product. What is wrong here? I’m spinning my wheels.


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    I’m so sorry but I have another problem, as long as you are here. (I’m sure you will be happy when my site is up and running so I won’t bother you so much. I know I will be!!!) I went through the Replete theme options > sidebar process to select my shop page and add specific Woocommerce widgets to the sidebar. I added Layered Nav and Recently Viewed, neither of which showed up. I tried Pages, just to see if anything would work. This did. But the Woocommerce widgets didn’t.

    Worse, when I set this new shop page as my official shop page in Woocommerce settings, the default widgets that come with the theme came back. But if I look at the appearance > widgets page, it still shows the two Woocommerce widgets that I put on my new shop page. What am I doing wrong? I don’t know if it’s a Replete thing or a Woocommerce thing or a WordPress thing. :(

    in reply to: manually move crop position? #108668

    That’s too bad. My products are greeting cards and the captions are in various positions. In some situations they get partially cropped out. A great solution would be to display the caption rather than the product name in the area just under the image. Would that be hard to do?

    (I’m trying to avoid the site visitor having to click on the individual thumbnails just to see what the product is all about. They would get bored and leave the site, I’m afraid. Better to be able to get a good sense of them by scrolling through the site, then clicking on the one they like.)

    Thanks in advance.

    Is this it? (Or do I have too much code in there?) It seems to work…

    #top .main_color .price, .main_color .stock, #top #wrap_all .main_color ins {

    color: #CC0000;


    Again, it works ONLY in quick css, but not in my custom.css. This is so wierd. Why is this??

    I also just noticed that the only place the price has changed color is on the individual page. It is still the wrong color on the homepage with featured products, and the shop page that contains multiple products. Sorry, but can you tell me the code for those, too? I’m still baffled about why this does not work in the custom.css. I played around to make sure that file is working (I changed some of the other code in it to be sure and it is, indeed, a working file).

    Thank you!!!

    Hi Devin,

    Thanks for the reply. I’m baffled because I first put the code in my custom.css file, which is where I have been putting all of my custom css. It did nothing. But when I tried putting it in my quick css it actually worked. Can you explain why this might be happening? Isn’t it bad to use the quick css? What if you update the theme? Won’t that code get written over?

    in reply to: logo covered by "register" only in internet explorer #107501

    Hi Devin,

    Thanks so much. It’s pretty rough since I’m still figuring out the theme, Woocommerce, and WordPress (!) but maybe you can see what is going on. I might make the logo smaller in the end but I still want to know how to address IE8. Thanks!!!

    in reply to: Replete product zoom on hover #106783

    Obviously, I am not using the correct words when I ask my question. I do not what the effect you describe, although I do appreciate your reply. What I want is what is shown on this demo page: – and is the default for the theme.

    This effect currently is working for me exactly as is shown in the demo. All I am asking is for the ability to make this same effect (the default one you see there on that page) to be a little larger but not full size, and for it to show the image in it’s un-cropped version instead of a slightly bigger version of the cropped one.

    Additionally, I want it to be on hover, not click, exactly as it works already.

    Does this make any sense? Sorry if I’m not explaining it well enough. If I had a page I would give you the link but unfortunately I’m developing locally until I understand the theme well enough to secure hosting and develop there. I might have to do sooner than I thought. :)

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