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  • in reply to: Jquery conflict with theme #77822

    Anybody to help me ? still the problem.

    I’ve send you login data dude.

    Thank’s a lot

    in reply to: Jquery conflict with theme #77820

    Another question, with WordPress 3.4

    Some JS fucntions seem broken on my events page :

    – cufon

    – forms

    Thank’s to have a look with WP 3.4 compatibility !

    in reply to: Jquery conflict with theme #77819

    Hi dude and thank you for your reply.

    Is there a way to send you website link and login details ?


    in reply to: Jquery conflict with theme #77816

    After several tests, It seems that theme is in conflict with date pickers. (Purchase code hidden if logged out)

    Is there a way to have date picker working fine ?

    Thank’s ! :)

    in reply to: Abundance in French ? #63326


    I am still looking for a soluce to translate : 25 in stock (backorders allowed).

    I’ve red all files and po mo files also and I’m not able to translate

    It would be nice to have an help on this subject !

    in reply to: Abundance Translation Files #63468

    Merci scriptorium ! je vais regarder car je suis aussi entrain de finaliser la traduction en français ! :) et il manque des “strings” non traduites dans le thème !

    in reply to: Using png images in slider : background is black ! #65082

    Anybody can help me to solve this problem ?

    It would be nice to have some help ! :)

    in reply to: Still problems with latest WooCommerce version? #63213

    Hello Martin !

    I have the same problem :-)

    Latest theme version

    Latest Woocommerce plugin version

    And permaling for “shop” or “boutique in french” is ?post_type=product

    Is there a way to fix this to show : when i click on shop button menu ?

    As in the demo theme see above

    in reply to: Abundance in French ? #63325

    Guillaume, yes i will provide french translation but it is very simple.

    Just download Poedit.

    Open the defaut files (the one with earth picto) and then translate all strings

    When you are done, save as fr_FR and donwload it in your theme language folder.

    Guillaume, suis les instructions en téléchargeant un logiciel qui s’appelle poedit, traduit toutes les phrases ou expressions, et ensuite tu le transfères via FTP dans le répertoire lang du theme.

    in reply to: Abundance in French ? #63324

    I’ve found an issue for the little menu just above the big one for terms :

    – My account, shopping cart and Checkout replacing this one with a french one using WPML.

    But some words remains as 25 in stock backorders allowed and Cart in top right.

    See the image

    in reply to: Downloadable OR Shipped at home #64386

    Dude, where can I find a good tutorial to understand shipping classes ? I’m a little lost in this parameters ! :)

    Do the classes can support differents products weights in the cart ?

    ie : 1 book = 3$

    2 books = 4.5$

    Thank’s a lot.

    in reply to: Downloadable OR Shipped at home #64384


    Maybe you have to create to products ;-) one donwlable, and the second for shipping.

    Or try to add attributes one without shipping, the other with shipping ?

    in reply to: Abundance in French ? #63321

    Hi Dude, I’m looking for an updated translation files.

    Some words are not translated in the theme and I don’t want to change hardcore files :)

    My account

    Shopping Cart

    Checkout in the top menu

    Cart in the right top

    Show details on rollover thumbnail gallery (Add to cart is ok and translable | Select option also)

    In product file :

    xx in stock (backorders allowed) green mention is not translable.

    Thank’s for upgrading .po/.mo files ! :-)

    I’m almost done with french translation and I Would like to share it !

    yes the same for me….products on shop page didn’t show up. I had to edit each product to see them again…. :)

    Yes thank you but if I want a multi language site, It won’t work ! :)

    I didn’t found This phrase in the po/mo file, this is why I asked you the question ;-)

    in reply to: Abundance in French ? #63320

    I’ve the same request, I’m going to translate in french version, and it seems that terms like shop navigation “My account” shopping cart and checkout are not translable ?

    Also in website there are some translations missing…

    “One response to” is not in defaut.po .mo files.

    in reply to: I'm not able to display same H3 as in your demo #64360

    Thank’s a lot !

    I’ve found an issue for this.

    Another question.

    In shortcodes button, there is no way to add a “hr” separator with text inside ?

    Only in template builder for the moment ?

    I would be great to add this shortcode in the template ! :)



    in reply to: megamenu in propulsion #64144

    ok I understand, thank’s for explanations ;)

    Dommage ! :)

    But I don’t want to spend time to add a functionality which is not native for the theme.

    So For next themes it would be great if you only add necesseray files and not the whole framework ! ;-)

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