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    Thanks Dude/Peter!

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    Thanks Devin, I thought that would be the case.

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    HI Devin,

    Thanks for the reply, but it looks like there is an incomplete thought…

    The biggest….. is what? ;)



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    Dude! You the man!

    I’ve got it installed, tweaked a bit of the CSS and I’m running on the whole site. SO MUCH BETTER!

    I still have a few questions…

    1. In the header.php, you end the replacement code with: <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”<?php echo get_bloginfo(‘template_url’); ?>/js/projekktor/theme/style.css” type=”text/css” media=”screen”/>

    I don’t have a projekktor/theme/style.css sheet in my Eunoia JS folder. I assume it’s because I’m not using the Projekktor plugin. Should I?

    2. While this is working amazingly on the rest of the entire site, the Instagram Pages ( + with the Instpress Plugin installed, I’m still opening in a separate tab with just the image. I assume that it’s because the Instapress plugin is not actually uploading an actual image into my media library, but just referencing a url.

    I see in the instagram.php file a similar script

    wp_register_script(‘fancybox’, plugins_url(‘/fancybox/jquery.fancybox-1.3.4.pack.js’, __FILE__), array(‘jquery’), “1.3.4”);

    How can I change this to go to my new directory instead of this old version that comes packed into the plugin: /wp-content/themes/eunoia/

    As well, are there other places I need to replace the code in this silly plugin?

    Or is there an easier work around similar to the Tip found on the GitHub page:

    Tip: Automatically group and apply fancyBox to all images:

    $(“a[href$=’.jpg’],a[href$=’.jpeg’],a[href$=’.png’],a[href$=’.gif’]”).attr(‘rel’, ‘gallery’).fancybox();

    The instapress plugin uses a shortcode to get the content on a page: [instapress userid=”” piccount=”” size=””]

    Am I on the right track? If so, where do I put that code from the tip?

    Thanks again!


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    Hi Dude. Thanks for the response. We’re using Instapress, which has had it’s own fair share of plugin difficulties in these last few days. It has a FancyBox (albeit version 1, not 2) popup. I’d love a recommendation for a full site plugin that works more like a full screen slideshow plugin with play/pause functionality. I’m not sold on the prettyphoto plugin so any recommendations are greatly welcomed.



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    Hi Devin,

    Thanks for your response. I actually took it up to 128M and seem to be running much faster. But man was that a rough wait.


    Because I’m not super stoked on the PrettyPhoto plugin, can you recommend any full screen slideshow plugins that are easy to integrate into this Eunoia theme?

    My two biggest realizations are that having a sort function of images is crucial to photographers and the ability to have a fill screen slideshow with play/pause functionality is also paramount.


    in reply to: Photographer Questions #94867

    Now I cannot even add 1 image to a Portfolio that has been particularly needy. From the media browser I add 1 image to slideshow, save changes, close the media browser, click update post and am immediately redirected to a 404 page. :( Help, pretty please.

    in reply to: Photographer Questions #94866

    Hi Devin,

    Thanks for these answers.

    I’ve made some concessions to make this work but am still experiencing issues relating to Number 3.

    You say that this is a server side issue but I would disagree.

    I have plenty of other sites hosted through this same account, use a variety of different gallery plugins and can successfully upload more than 100 images at a time and NEVER experience a 404 page.

    Right now, I have uploaded 69 images to a gallery.

    They successfully load through the Multi-Loader. They are successfully saved to the media folder. But I can only attach about 5 at a time if I want to avoid the 404 page.

    If I load 5, then update the published post, I am ok. In some posts I am able to load a few more than 5. Here’s a screen shot to show that the images are saved to the associated Gallery in the Media Pop Up. You can also see in the back ground that the images are indeed being associated to the post. (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -at-1.01.23-PM.png

    As you can imagine, attaching 5 at a time for a 100 image post is beyond a dumb way to accomplish a task.

    If it’s a problem with the PrettyPhoto plugin and I need to switch to something else, I’d be happy to, so long as I can still use the portfolio set-up feature on the front page of being able to sort the portfolio posts.

    I’ve spent 3 weeks setting up this theme, and there are so many features that I love about it, except the way it handles large amounts of image.

    I would love more advice than this is just a server memory problem.

    Thanks again for your help and I eagerly await your answer.

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