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    Hi. I have looked in Theme Options and Dynamic Themes, and was able to figure out a few things. However, I cannot remember where I edited the section in the middle:… — do you see the area on the frontpage, underneath the orange area, where it has 3 areas: What We Believe, Sermons, and Contact? Question 1: what is the proper name for this area? Question 2: Where do I edit this…. the picture under sermons is all of a sudden not appearing.


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    At this point, I need to speak with someone who can work on my site. Certain items just simply are not working. I am not a wordpress expert and need to speak with someone who can help me figure everything out. Most things are completed, but certain things are not clicking: like, I have the donations button, but what now? It’s not going anywhere. Also, how do I make a page to sell our cd’s. Also, I cannot for life of me find where I inputed our service ours and location. Obviously, I have found it before but cannot now. I have been through everything on the dashboard to try and find this. Also, the music no longer automatically plays on the pages. Ideally, I would like to find a way for the site to play music, continuously, when loading the home page. As you can see, I need help. Not far away from completing the site, but obviously a few KEY elements still left unresovled. :-/

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    I will try this. But for some reason, my “Sermons” Page doesn’t have the info that I inserted in the main box. When I am in edit mode on the sermons page, I have added all of the tracks in that box. But when I click on both “Sermons” links from the home page, that info does not show. What is going wrong with this. I have edited my permalink already.

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    Hi. I followed the recommendation you gave “msjoy714” … I now have a 64 MG limit. However, when I try to download the tracks under Sermons, it only allows me to save one track. One sermon typically has 6 tracks. So, how will I be able to download a full sermon??? Our site is currently held here: as you can see the sermon for central is only showing one track.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)