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    I have included the code snippet above to show comments on custom templates (Corona Theme), but also need some sort of conditional code to make the display (or non-display) of comments agree with the “Allow comments” check box for any given posting.

    Allowing comments works great, the box appears, etc. But if I choose to not allow comments, I still get this block of text:

    Comments are closed.

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    Anyway to make that not appear?



    Hey Dude,

    Any idea when the upcoming update will be released? Does the new Shoutbox theme incorporate the fix for this bug?


    My mistake on item #2 above, I had only added two posts in the category.

    The real issue is that there is some sort of offset that is applied to posts that appear in the columns created by the template builder.

    The docs say that the theme will display the most current post, but it really displays the “second to the most current” post. It skips the most current post.

    How can I change this to display the most current post in the column?


    I did what you suggested and it kinda works. Two things:

    1) In order for any posts from the categories to show up in the columns you must have at least two posts assigned to that category. It would be cleaner (for my client in the end who will be assigning categories to make things appear in whatever column) to have it work with just a single post assigned to the category. Is there a way to change that behavior, or at least point me to the code that does this query?

    2) The post that gets pulled of the two in the category is the first one published. Any way to change that to the last one published?

    I guess I can live with having a “placeholder” post in each category if for some reason that is necessary. But having to change the publish dates for the posts to get the most recent one to show up is kinda awkward.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)