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  • Thank you very much.
    It works great now.

    I am referring to the same animation we can see when we use the “Progress Bar”. In the styling of the “Progress Bar”, when we choose “striped”, there is a continuous animation, there is of course an option to remove it but regarding the Submit button of the Contact form, this animation appears when clicking so is it possible to have a button without animation and not striped ? Thanks.

    Thank you very much Yigit for this quick response.
    It works great now but regarding my question 2 above, when clicking on the submit button of the Contact form, is it possible to remove the animation (the effect) ? I can change of course the colors in the theme options (General Styling) and use a Section Area to solve the problem but i need to keep the colors for the others elements of the theme. So, i would like to make a change separately only for the Submit button of the Contact form to have no animation when clicking. Is it possible ?
    Thank you

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    Thank you very much Nick.

    I have changed the line in the function.php.

    Yes, it seems to be better now with this size 1583X454px, my images keep all the quality.

    I use “Propulsion”, “Angular” and “Sentence” so of course i like very much Kriesi’s themes.

    So with “Replete”, i would like to understand something. It would be great if you could respond to me to a few questions :

    1. It works better with 1583X454px and i know that you can not have made an error in the code regarding the full width slideshow because Kriesi is certainly not a beginner so why have you chosen this size in your code (1500X430px) ? There is of course a reason. It is just to undersdand, can you explain ?

    2. Also, if i keep the new size (1583X454px) in the code, does this affect the overall code of the theme ?

    3. Can you confirm that the images of the full width slideshow will stay optimized with little devices too ?

    4. If i change the code to 1920X454px (for the very big screen), does this will affect the code for the others functions…Content, etc…the layout ? Sorry for the questions and again thank you very much. Mike from France :)

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    Hi Ismael,

    Regarding the full width slideshow, i have tried with this size : 1500x430px and with 1583x454px and of course with biggest sizes but the images lose quality when viewed with large screen. Is there a problem with the slideshow ? Can you solve it ? Why do not you want to resize images directly to 1583px ? I need 100% quality. The slideshow display 1583px so images should be resized to 1583px and not 1500px. Have you got a solution ? Thank you very much.



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    Thank you very much Dude and Ismael for all the answers.

    Now my website works perfectly.

    Best regards,


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    Thank you very much Ismael.

    Best regards,


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    Thanks for the responses 2 and 3.

    Regarding my question 1, i do not agree. Of course i tried your solution for the “Footer Contact info” but when you leave the field blank the problem still exists. Of course the text no longer appears but there is still too much space between the top of the footer and the footer text widgets. In that case the problem with IE9 is for all the browsers. Try to check and see. It is why i wanted to know if it was possible to have an update with a new option. For example if we choose to not display, ok we leave the field blank but the footer should become a normal footer like all the themes (no space). Thank you for a response…

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