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    Sure, I understand. Just asking for help on the issue that I am experiencing. Feel free to not answer!

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    Yes, basically when I remove YOAST from my plugins the error doesnt occur.
    Secondly, if I remove Relevanssi from my plugins it doesnt occur either.

    go ahead and disable them on the staging site, you will see.

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    UPDATE: I had to remove the script as this script basically removes the social icons from the main header on desktop aswell. (didnt realize)
    The social bookmarks are normally hidden on mobile as ofcourse they dont fit in the header together with the logo and hamburger icon on mobile portrait.

    What I would like to achieve is to add the social bookmarks inside the mobile menu.
    How can I get them in mobile menu?


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    reading on the internet it has something to do with:

    The product_type property is deprecated. Use get_type() to get internal type.

    So you need to change this:

    to this:

    I am pretty lost :)

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    Removing Yoast SEO REMOVES the error.
    However we need Yoast.

    I have tried latest version of yoast with latest wordpress and latest woocommerce. with and without the fix above.
    Still I get 500 error when saving a product.

    I have setup a staging site and will provide credentials in private.
    Any help appreciated!


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    After allot of disabling and enabling I pinnend the problem down to YOAST SEO.

    Gonna try this fix:

    function avia_remove_yoast_filter()
        remove_filter('wpseo_pre_analysis_post_content','avia_wpseo_pre_analysis_post_content_fix', 10, 1);
        remove_filter('wpseo_video_index_content','avia_wpseo_video_content_fix', 10, 2);

    Will report back

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    Hi Jordan,

    I currently setup a staging copy and will do some research there.

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    Changed to 7.0 now
    Dont see any difference

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    Php 7.1.12

    in reply to: Latest enfold + woocommerce error on saving product #873754

    same problem as here:

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    in reply to: Vimeo inside a fullwidth slider not stretching full width #873584

    Hi Ismael,

    There is a video slide, last slide of slider.

    Kind regards,

    in reply to: Video background broken in Enfold 4.2 #873169
    in reply to: Video background broken in Enfold 4.2 #873089

    that fix doesnt work for me, I am hosting on Vimeo.

    in reply to: Video background broken in Enfold 4.2 #872865

    any news on this issue yet?

    in reply to: Video background broken in Enfold 4.2 #870397

    Same here, Vimeo does play but somehow the video is not full width.
    I tried the above code and it does not change anything for this situation.

    It seems that vimeo is using a code with inline “left” and “right” positioning in their embed:
    <div class="vp-player-layout js-playerLayout" style="left: 466px; right: 466px; top: 0px; bottom: 0px;">

    changing them to 0 seems to solve the problem, however we cant as the code is inside the vimeo iframe.

    Does anybody know where I can get the previous version to do a rollback?

    good luck,

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    perfect! works like a charm, thank you!

    Hi John,

    Site is still in development/ xampp.
    Is the description of the problem not clear?

    Best regards,

    in reply to: Function to edit SEP #810846


    Thank you for your reply.

    But to clone whole enfold-functions file will be a problem every time I update, so same result as to edit core.

    Anybody able to do this change in a childtheme function?


    in reply to: How to create reply-to with function #781181

    Hi Yigit,

    thanks. Tested and does not work, when added to functions below the above function that forces the sender, form (SMTP) does not send out any mail.

    Basically its not totally related to the form. Its related to the smtp settings.
    The smtp does not allow sending with someone elses emailaddress as that would be spoofing.

    Host reply:

    Sending emails on behalf of the user’s email (any email they fill in while submitting the form) has not been allowed on our server and is not a recent change.

    This is because it would basically require ‘spoofing’ their email which most servers do not allow.

    Kind of strange as it used to work fine, but suddenly since some upgrade the phpmail function stopped sending mail. Thus rendering the forms useless and allot of lost inputs.

    So I was reading around and seeing that many people have this issue. The first filter above does fix the problem, however it removes the functionality of being able to reply to the emails that come in.

    Therefor I was hoping to be able to send the mail with the (Email address hidden if logged out) email and have a seperate reply-to set as the users email. So that the smtp will send the email and the email would be reply-able

    crazy stuff.


    in reply to: Contact Form Doesn't Send e-mails anymore #780231

    Hi Nikko,

    I am experiencing same issue, even with SMTP, the filter to force recipient fixes it but you loose the functionality of having the recipient being the visitors emailaddress, thus you cant reply to the email to start a conversation. Not handy when you get many requests.

    function change_cf_from() {
        return " (Email address hidden if logged out) ";
    add_filter('avf_form_from', 'change_cf_from', 10);

    Is this sudden change enfold related? Everywhere I read I see support saying its server related, but I am not sure about that. As it was working fine in february. But somehow latest version (or maybe a few before) just suddenly stopped all email forms from working, resulting in loss of many entries without any notification! Gone forever.


    in reply to: main the_content function #745535


    I need this aswell! => the_content
    What function does enfold use?

    Content Templates modify the content when called from the_content function. Some themes don’t use this function, but define their own. If Content Templates don’t work with your theme then you can enter the name of the function your theme uses.

    locate_template seems to work BUT messes up the styling of the footer, as it somehow is inside the content and takes on the alternate_styling instead of being a standalone footer.

    More info:

    Any help appreciated!


    in reply to: Mobile menu update #740237

    Never mind then

    in reply to: How can I flip this phone icon #736674

    add this to the css of the element

    -moz-transform: scaleX(-1);
    -o-transform: scaleX(-1);
    -webkit-transform: scaleX(-1);
    transform: scaleX(-1);
    in reply to: Instagram lightbox image disappears on Iphone #736673

    yeah thats the one :)

    This should be added to bug tracker.

    in reply to: Instagram lightbox image disappears on Iphone #736147

    Yes, this is a bug in enfold. You can fix it by removing one of the animation css styles that are on the element, just overrule the css with animation is none. Dont have code here bit maybe support can look into it, seen it on many enfold sites.

    in reply to: Multiuser blog gravatar on formatted posts #539097


    in reply to: Multiuser blog gravatar on formatted posts #538882

    ok so here is the example:

    On this blog all posts are of the format GALLERY
    You see the orange circle with the gallery icon on it
    My client would like to have his GRAVATAR here instead of that gallery icon
    This does show as soon as he sets the format to default, but he dont want default :)

    This goes for the archive pages and the single pages.
    I am also noticing that this icon links to the format archive, kinda strange..
    Best case this would be the single article or author archive.

    You understand?

    Kind regards,
    Thomas Borkent

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