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    I’ve tried both bits of CSS code to adjust the leading in the EXIF tooltip pop-up, but neither seem to be working.

    .exif_data_inner_tooltip .hr {
    padding: 15px 0 5px 0;

    And …

    #top .exif_data_inner_tooltip li {
    padding: 2px 2% 2px 0;

    I changed all the padding to zero to see if it would change anything but no-go.

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    Doh. I put the apostrophe code in WITH the spaces.

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    Thanks, Mya – I got #3 working but am still having issues with 1 and 2.

    For #1, I changed the bottom padding to 0, but the leading still looks the same. Just to be clear, I want to reduce the spacing between the lines.

    For #2, I tried the code but now that appears in the captions (see image 117 – Floating Band).

    I have an ‘ok’ knowledge of CSS.

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    Worked. Thanks!

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    Thank you!

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    As an addendum, how can I have a horizontal rule that goes the full width of the blog post (without the lightning bolt) and less space between posts?

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    Yikes. Not for me. Marking as resolved!

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    Hmmm. Ok. As this seems to be a WP issue I’ll set this to resolved although for me it really isn’t.

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    A further update …

    Rather than clicking on one of the image thumbnails, I clicked on the “Upload/Insert” button. That method DID bring up the media window with the boxes that show the order (ie. 1-161) next to the thumbnail.

    Unfortunately the order still does not make it’s way into the slideshow. Not sure what setting I changed but now all the thumbnails are showing up on the page. For now this is ok as you can see the correct order (the airport terminal is first and the clouds are last). It’s the slideshow that’s still displaying in the wrong order.

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    Ha ha. Yes. I am switching back and forth between Angular and Flashlight. Still undecided on which one I want to use.

    I wouldn’t expect full-screen themes like Flashlight to work especially well on a mobile device. When showcasing my photography, I want the best presentation possible – and that means a desktop (or laptop).

    That said, I’ve been thinking a lot about mobile devices. What if I’m out and wanted to show someone one of my galleries? That’s why I’m looking at Angular and the WPTouch plug-in for Flashlight. Some of the books from A Book Apart are good. “Responsive Web Design” and “Mobile First” in particular.

    One thing I’m concerned about is when I create a gallery in Flashlight, it doesn’t transfer to Angular, and vice-versa. The first image appears, but not the rest. Perhaps this is a WP thing.

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    In the “Featured media – add any number of images and/or videos” section, I understand that I can manually select a row and move it to a new position. That’s fine if it’s just a few images.

    If you look at …

    I have over 160 images. It’s not practical to manually sort each image.

    I created another test gallery at:

    This is the process I’m going through to re-order the images.

    1. Click on an image thumbnail in the “Featured media – add any number of images and/or videos” section.

    2. Click the “Gallery (5)” tab. (FYI – There are 5 images in this gallery).

    3. Click either “Ascending” or “Descending” and then “Save all changes” until the preview shows it the way I want.

    When I go back to the Portfolio Entry, the setting I’ve made in the previous window (not sure what you’d call it … the media library gallery?) does not carry over to the Portfolio Entry.

    In Flashlight, if I want to change the order to make sure the oldest images show first, it applies the change correctly. For some reason Angular doesn’t seem to be doing this. Basically I’m looking to reverse the order of the images.

    I even placed numbers from 1-5 on each image. Yet they keep appearing in the Portfolio Entry from 5-1.

    Is there a procedure to post images here? Or do I need to post elsewhere and link back?


    PS – Manually moving the images in the “Featured media – add any number of images and/or videos” does work (in the URL I sent they will be in the correct order). Manually moving them in the “From Computer – Gallery – Media Library” does not work.

    I’ve only just started to test this theme, but I find swiping the image works pretty good on the iphone. That said, there should be a prompt or note to tell users they have to do that.

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    Forgot to add … there’s an “Insert” button when you view the particular gallery list. Clicking on it just seems to add an image to the end of the list.

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    Thx. I’ll mark this as resolved.

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    Ok – That pretty much fixed it. Just one more small thing … how can I get the small vertical rule in the date block back?


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    Thanks. I’ll give the CSS a try tonight.

    I did try the “Custom Permalinks” plug-in, but it broke all the links, so I deleted it.

    Yeah. (Mostly) noob here, too.

    I would have preferred the categories to be displayed like this …

    Having them in closer proximity to the galleries makes more sense, IMO.

    You can also set up sub-pages under a Portfolio page using menus.

    Same here. I think the documentation needs to be expanded.

    Not sure if this helps. I asked this about a week ago:

    Can I set up folders in the portfolio section (ie. vacation, still-life, etc …)?

    And the answer was:

    Not quite folders but you can organize by Categories. You can then add a Category widget to your sidebars to let people click on them and display everything under that category.

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    Bump (again).

    Ok, I managed to do a bit of customization found in the following posts … (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -page (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -entry

    I got the full text on the blog page, plus the date block. However, the date is not displaying properly.

    The bigger issue is one of navigation. I need the links on the blog page to go directly to my gallery. I set that with the image (using insert into post, and applying a link). I also added a “Continue to the gallery …” Clicking on the blog title brings you right back to the blog post, and I know that will confuse people. It seems I cannot edit the permalink to one that will bring me to the gallery. Perhaps this is a WordPress thing.

    It seems a few other people here have asked about using full blog posts. You (the developers) may want to consider adding that functionality into the theme settings, rather than all this PHP customization. (ie. a button that says “Use blog excerpts” or “Use full blog posts”). I consider myself barely intermediate with HTML and CSS. I have no comfort level with PHP and I’m sure many others here do not, as well. I choose a WordPress environment precisely because I do NOT want to have to spend much (if any) time tinkering with code. I understand you cannot possibly incorporate every little bit of customization into a theme, but it seems like this is doable.

    I’m glad to see Kriesi is hiring more support staff. I’ve been patient but admit it’s wearing thin.

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    Ok … making progress …

    Is there any way to not have the blog excerpt when you first land on the blog page, and have the full blog post AND the date ‘cube’ at the upper right? Basically, bypass the synopsis and go right to the blog.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Please see …

    I trashed most everything and loaded the dummy content hoping it would help me better understand things.

    Is the “Set Featured Image” option only for use with a gallery? I am linking to a gallery elsewhere in the site but I would still like to use an image at the top of the post. When I use Insert into Post the image is not scaling properly to fit the width of the post. If I choose Medium it’s too small. If I choose large it spills outside the column. Do I need to create a specific width to do this?

    Also, is there a way to remove the zoom feature off the inserted image? I don’t want any links or rollover effects on it. I did manage to add the “Continue to the gallery …” link at the bottom (small victories).

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    Ok – so I’m back to my original plan to link a blog post to a particular gallery.

    As I posted earlier, I placed an image in my blog by using the “Upload/Insert” link, then going to my Media Gallery and selecting the image as a featured image.

    However, it doesn’t seem to be working the same way for some reason. When I select the image as a featured image, the link fades away so I assume it’s been applied. I hit save all changes but the image doesn’t appear. If I use “Insert into post” it will show up, but is not scaled automatically to the width of the window and only shows up on the full blog post, not the ‘intro’ one. I also tried clicking on the “Set featured image” on the lower right of the blog post page, and that also doesn’t work.

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    I’m still not getting the Portfolio/Blog relationship. The documentation says “The Portfolio Page that you choose below will then show all posts from those categories, along with a sort option for each category.”

    From what I understand then …

    1. I create a page to hold portfolio items (in my case “Galleries”), and tell that page to display what categories I want.

    2. I create a blog, attach a gallery, and give that post a category.

    3. As long as the portfolio page has the particular category selected to display, AND if I’ve also ‘marked’ the blog post as having that category, then the gallery should also show up on my Galleries page.

    If this is the case, then something’s not working (or it may be my brain, which is entirely possible).

    I’ve created three test blogs. I’ve marked each as having the category of either “Funny”, “Travel” or “Vacation”. In my Flashlight settings, I’ve selected all three categories to display on my Galleries page.

    re. the EXIF info in the Prettyphoto window – my Rapidweaver Prettyphoto windows show the EXIF.

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    in reply to: Portfolio and Gallery confusion! #65569

    This is something I’m grappling with as well.

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    Thinking about this a bit more …

    I added a new test blog (“Old Motels”).

    Going directly into the gallery would be ok as long as I also have a repository of all my galleries (ie. my “Galleries” page). I want to give visitors the ability to go directly to the galleries, without having to search through old blog posts to find one.

    Would this mean I would have to have the same gallery in two separate places? Can I put a “placeholder” on the galleries page that would link back to the gallery I posted on the blog?

    Sorry for all the kerfuffling. Obviously this is confusing the heck out of me.

    in reply to: New WP User: Lots of Questions #64761

    Thanks, Devin – Let me pick through his over the next few days.

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