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    in reply to: Background color of hamburger (mobile) menu icon #687593

    Yes, that worked. Thank you, Jordan.

    Hi, Andy. I don’t know that adding media queries based on width will work. As I move the browser smaller and smaller, more and more of the slider disappears behind the side menu. From what I understand, I’ve have to set up a media query for every pixel width within a range between mobile (slider looks okay on mobile) to where the slider looks okay on laptop. Even then, I don’t know that the media queries would work because the slider seems to be calculating its settings (display width) as though the side menu weren’t there. It doesn’t seem to recognize that there is something over the top of it.

    I created a new page, copied the code from the debugger section of the old page and pasted it into the debugger section of the new page and published the page. The slider would not even show up on the new, published page, and the formatting of the grid rows was off. So I changed the selected slider, pressed the page “update” button, reselected the correct slider, and clicked “update” again. Then I refreshed the front end of the new page. This time the slider displayed and the grid row formatting was correct. However, the problem with the slider (layers moving off the screen or behind the side menu) continued.

    I tried changing the menu so it was a top menu instead of a left side menu. When the menu is at the top, the slider seems to function properly. Therefore, I think the problem has something to do with the side menu, perhaps as though that the slider is adjusting to screen size based on the assumption that the side menu isn’t there.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)