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    I am having the same issue with Abundance theme. Don’t see any plugin issues and tried reinstalling wordpress.

    Where do I find the wp_config.php file to try increasing memory?

    in reply to: Adjusting Blog Meta Data Height #57890

    That moves it up however with no consistency. The value is too high on some, too low on other posts – depending on blog title length.

    It also moves up the meta data on the individual blog posts – which I don’t want to do because they are already lined up nicely…

    in reply to: Menu Manager Not Operating After Theme Update #49668


    No – I switched back to version 1.0 till the bugs get worked out of the updates…

    I haven’t tried the third update yet.

    in reply to: Social Media Plugins Not Working After Theme Update #49659

    WP Social Toolbar should be on the home page – – as well as every other page at the bottom. The SexyBookmarks plugin should be at the end of all of the individual posts – i.e.

    in reply to: Menu Manager Not Operating After Theme Update #49664

    Yes, under Brightbox main menu (1 supported menu) I keep selecting my custom menu and saving. Even selecting other custom menus does not work – just shows my pages for navigation menu.

    in reply to: Brightbox theme update #49653

    That worked fine. However, now I cannot change the main navigation. It is showing all my page links instead of main navigation…

    in reply to: Customizing fonts in mega menu. #49030

    I noticed in your UpScale theme that I CAN utilize html code in the mega menus to create bold fonts and line breaks. How is that theme able to get around the WordPress stripping? Is there some way to incorporate that into BrightBox by editing the style.css – or alternatively through a future update?

    You’ll notice the first couple images are short on the right side. This repeats throughout the site on most images.

    That moved the box to the right side, however the post title does not start until BELOW the box – and the post text does not wrap around the box underneath. There is still a white vertical space below the box that extends all the way to the bottom – no wrap.

    in reply to: Theme content retention when switching themes. #48506

    I meant to say I would switch to Brightbox – another Kriesis theme – not Lightbox.

    So to be clear, if I switch from UpScale to Brightbox and then back to UpScale everything will still look the same, I won’t lose anything correct?

    in reply to: Adjusting Space Below Header #48170

    That worked for the home page and blog posts, however it is ignored by pages…

    in reply to: "READ MORE" tag not working on blogs within pages. #46242

    I did the above, however it’s doing something other than what I want.

    It shows the first five lines of the post, but ignoring the POSITION of the read more tag. In other words when you click on the blog post, I have an H3 subtitle then an icon shortcode then the Read More tag followed by the blog post body.

    The code above is simply taking the first five lines of the body, ignoring the placement of the Read More tag.

    The Read More button is also looking off…

    You can see this here:

    Any thoughts? It should be showing the H3 title and icon shortcode only if the Read More tag is working properly…


    in reply to: "READ MORE" tag not working on blogs within pages. #46240


    The line: the_content(__(‘Read more’,’avia_framework’)); ?> in my copy of loop-index.php looks different.

    Mine reads: <?php the_content(‘<span class=”inner_more”>’.__(‘Read more’,’avia_framework’).'</span>’); ?>

    Is this the line I should replace with:


    echo “Read more“;


    in reply to: "READ MORE" tag not working on blogs within pages. #46238


    Any of the menu links in the main navigation (which link to pages) will show this – for example:

    All of the blog posts are displayed in their entirety, ignoring the read more tag.

    When I originally had the main navigation link to a category instead of a page, the read more tag worked.

    in reply to: HR-Top cutting off text #45804


    I noticed on my site as well that sometimes the HR shortcode would cut off text below.

    I found that if the HR code was BOLDED in the visual editor then it would cut off text.

    If you hit return after text that is BOLDED and then enter an HR code (at least in visual editor) then your new HR code is also bolded by default. Simply highlight the HR code and switch back to unbolded text and it solved my problem.

    Happy editing…

    This issue seemed to go away after I logged out and then back in to WordPress.

    I’ll let you know if it resurfaces…


    in reply to: Adding Featured Content Slider #45946

    After some work I figured out that I can create a PAGE for each category, create a custom template with a content slider for each page, and then link navigation links to each page instead of linking to categories.

    The only problem is that the <!–more–> html does not work now in blogs that are on my pages. The entire post for each article is showing, even though the <!–more–> tag is placed in each article.

    in reply to: Adding Featured Content Slider #45945

    A couple of questions…

    I can see how this would work to put a content slider at the top of the general blog, however how would I construct this so a different slider could be put at the top of each different CATEGORY. I don’t see a way to assign a custom template to each category…

    For example if I have a category (LIFESTYLE), then when someone clicks on that category then I have a custom slider showing 3 or 4 featured lifestyle posts, followed by the blog with all posts that have a lifestyle category.

    Then when someone clicks on another category, say (BEAUTY), then there is a different slider with a few chosen beauty posts followed by all the blog posts tagged with the beauty category.

    Also, the text code worked great for sliders with small image and text on the side, however it made no change with full size images that contain slide title and text…

    Thanks for the great support!

    :) Brian

    in reply to: Sildeshow + Home Page Width – FF4 + Mobile Safari #45922

    Yes I have this issue as well using Safari.

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