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    Yes, I can see now the issue is with the plugin. I have found many people are having similar problems with the latest release of W3TC. the problem is, I cannot find a single place from where to download a copy for version 9.1.9 for this plugin. If anyone knows where I can get a copy of W3TC 1.9.1, I will GREATLY appreciate it if you let me know where to go.

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    This is written now as point of reference for anybody else having a similar problem using Avisio 1.2.1 + WordPress 3.2 + W3 Total Cache plugin: this combination doesn’t work. I checked all plugins looking for conflict, and the only way that I got the slider to work again was by reverting (again) to WP 3.1. I am not a plugin or JS developer, so maybe somebody that is will be able to give some advise?


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    I just noticed that the slider doesn’t work (the images do not load) when the plugin “W3 Total Cache” is on.

    Do you have any particular suggestions about working around this plugin?

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    Hello Vlane and Dude,

    thank you both for you help. I was able to get the website back to normal.

    I was also able to download the latest version from here:

    The problem was that I was downloading from MY downloads section, and I was still getting version 1.1



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    I had to revert to the prior WP version.

    I couldn’t replace images.

    Logo and menu bar are now “out of whack” .

    Any ideas?


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    I have the same problem and I updated the theme version, but the slider is still not working. I looked for an area related to “Avisio updates” but I couldn’t find it. Your help will be appreciated.

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    Hi notloc27,

    I just got mine going. Thank you for adding to the note of “findings.” I went and added the number of pages to the “Blog Pages Show at Most:” and all the tabs I selected appeared on the home page. However, I do not have anything selected for the “Front page displays”, Front Page, or Posts.


    how are your tabs coming up?

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    Hello James, and those affected by this issue,

    I just noticed this:

    I changed the “Reading” options in the Reading Settings of the WP admin to make them just like the ones I have

    on the test website (No option for “Page’ or ‘Blog’) and 3 of the tabs came up. When I changed the tabs in the ‘Main Page’ options for this theme, to see what effect that could have, I only got the first tab coming up. I changed them again (different titles) and got back the first tab, and then changed again the next/following tabs and I only got one more tab coming up for a total of two.

    Maybe you want to check on that and see what you get.

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    Hi James,

    1. this was a WP upgrade from 2.9 to 3.0 and then 3.1

    2. I uploaded the theme via FTP

    3. My Webhost is Duoservers/SanDiegoWebmaster (reseller), shared host.

    Thank you for continuing to help.

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    Thanks tonvie,

    I am glad that you understand the main source of my frustration: “let’s act like people’s jobs are on the line here folks…cause they are! “

    My job is on the line because of this theme’s issues and the time I have put already trying to find what’s going on with it; so many hours trying to make it work only because it’s the perfect theme for my marketing purposes, which are on hold because of the tabs! This is my main business site, the one Main business tool I have to acquire new clients and demo what can be done with WP.

    As for the results I am showing, I used Firebug and YSlow (Speed Yahoo tool) to detect the reason for the slow loading of the page.

    None of the themes I have used before have been rated so slow. Unfortunately, what those tools suggest as solutions goes way beyond what any developer should be busy doing to make a template work. How do you sell a lemon (so far)? Again, I LOVE the concept. It’s the ‘delivery’ what is lacking for this theme.

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    I have described all changes I have done to the site a couple of answers above, right before ‘tonvies’ last comment.

    There’s no difference between my site and the test version.

    I am sorry Dude, but your comments are of no use to find a possible solution.

    You say: “I looked at the source code and the main problem is that only one tab content is generated by wordpress. ” So?

    What am I supposed to do with that? How is that pertinent to finding a possible solution?

    I have re-installed WP 3.1 twice

    You say: ” So even if you chose 4 pages in the backend only one tab/page is generated. I can only find a div called “fptab_content tab1″ which indicates that tab2 and tab3, etc. were not generated by WP.” And?

    Nothing personal Dude, and thank you for trying to help, and will continue to appreciate it, but…


    I have to say that at I am finding the available support for this theme the worst I have found for any theme I have ever bought from ThemeForest. In fact, I have never had so many issues (inherent, or created) with any other theme I have bought at ThemeForest.

    The lack of of solution almost two weeks after posting the issue, makes the whole deal worst. It gives the impression that you are is reaching too much and far without the proper support strategy.

    What I believe: If you would be using the ThemeForest website, and If this issue would have been posted in the ThemeForest website forum for the theme, I bet this would have been taken care of by now. Why? because most often than not, people make a decision about buying a theme or not, judging by the kind of issues people are finding and how fast are those issues being taken care of, but only for the last 2 or 3 pages of responses, (talking about the way TF shows comments) because we are all busy with a trillion things to do! So, if the answers seem right And if the theme looks as promising as this one, we are sold.

    I love this theme, I still want to use it, but using “Yslow” and FireBug’s pagespeed I have found so many bugs and issues with this theme, that… like these:

    74.5% of the JavaScript loaded by this page had not been invoked by the time the onload handler completed.

    So much unused CSS for the home page: 45.8% of CSS (estimated 26.4kB of 57.7kB) is not used by the current page.

    and so many very inefficient rules: has 18 very inefficient rules, 65 inefficient rules, and 9 potentially inefficient uses of :hover out of 269 total rules.”

    that I am starting to wonder if I am really going to be able to keep it. And I DO want to keep using it. I still believe that the theme’s concept is The best ever.

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    Hi Dude,

    I believe that you visited the test site (, not the root site (

    Am I right?

    I still can’t see the tabs on my site; I have tested with long and short titles.


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    Hi James,

    the tabs under the slider on my website just disappeared again. (

    First last two of four, and then the other two remaining.

    The things I have changed were to turn off as many plugins as possible (26 active total, still more than I want, thou not enough to make any of the other templates I have used for this website as slow to load to the browsers as this one, which Alexa still reports as “Very Slow (4.242 Seconds), 90% of sites are faster.” First time ever! ).

    In an effort to speed up the loading time of the site, I also changed the main Stylesheet (style.css) for a crunched/minimized version, I did this change a few days ago, and the website continued to work without any visible problem, until today.

    What I have checked on so far:

    I turned on and off my plugins, one by one, no change.

    Transferred full copy from the sub-folder test-copy ( to the root folder

    Transferred full DB copy from the working sub-folder db

    Changed/tested many combination of title tabs to possibly appear in the tabbed section under the slider.

    Something new (I am not sure if possibly related or not), that I been noticing for the last few days:

    In checking for spammer trails in the “Who’s been Online” stats, I did notice the following “Last URL visited” string from many of the visitors trails:


    I been using the minimized version of the site, and since that image is not in folder “skin2” (assuming that is part of what makes it “minimized”) I started using the “Default version to see if anything would change. It didn’t.

    Please feel free to tell me If I should start a separate post for this issue.

    I am adding it here only because is part of the “weird” things happening with this theme.

    The funny thing is, that opposite to the experience of some people looking for support here, I was able to install and customize the site without any single problem. Everything going on with it, started after I thought I was done! Hu!

    Tonvie, have you possibly found any fix to the tabs?


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    Thank you so much for checking James.

    I am aware about the number of plugins and slowing down a site.

    Unfortunately, maintaining the balance between editor and anti-SPAM plugins is one of the main

    issues I face daily. But I am working on it =).


    Thank you tonvie for looking into this because right when I was getting myself ready to transfer a copy from the test site, all of a sudden, the tabs appeared under the slider. The thing is that, if for example, I add another tab, one of the published tabs disappears. In other words, I am not sure this is fixed, although I am happy that at least there’s some working.

    The whole point of buying this template was to be able to give further support to landing page advertisements, and the tabbed pages were perfect for that.

    I’ll be certainly looking for your progress into this.

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    Hi James,

    Just wondering if you got the emails (one, directly from my site after creating your account from my site, and mine telling you about it.

    I have been trying to figure out the issue, but no luck. I even re-created the site ( to check my own steps, the tabs work fine in the copy site!, but cannot make them work on my root site =( ….

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    Can any one check on this issue, please?

    Any ideas why this could be happening?

    I turned off all plugins to see if any plugin was causing the problem, but the problem persists…

    Support staff…?????

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    That’s funny, because in the back admin, in the Avisio Mainpage Options, I have four more pages selected. Are these the ones you are telling me about? I just changed them to 4 different pages, just to see if they would change, but no effect took place in the home page of the site. I also checked different browsers with same result.

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    Hi James,

    the URL is

    I created my own pages.

    The home page has content.

    Thank you for looking into this.

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