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  • in reply to: Pretty Photo Issue #111684

    Thank you! I’ll look in to it.

    in reply to: Gallery setup #54601

    Exactly how was the last request sorted? I’m getting the same list with the image appearing on the right upon rollover of the title. I’d rather have a category page of item thumbnails.

    in reply to: Menu highlighing for posts #87217

    Beautiful! Thanks! Any way to have the category title at the top of posts?

    in reply to: Menu highlighing for posts #87215

    Thanks for the response. No, I mean I want the main navigation item to still reflect that you are within that section. Currently, if you go to either blog, Chairmaker’s Journal or News & Newsletters and click on a post title, the respective menu item will no longer be a different color. Because of this, as a visitor, you have no idea where you are on the Website. I would like the main menu item, “Chairmaker’s Journal” or “News & Newsletters” to still be a different color when you click on a post on those blogs. I would also like the blog title to be at the top of the post page so you have even more of an idea where you are with in the Website. Make sense? Currently, it’s not intuitive.

    in reply to: Menu highlighing for posts #87213

    Can someone please help with this?

    The site has been pushed live, so the link is now:


    in reply to: Related products #86726

    Thanks, Nick. Please keep me posted if you come up with anything.

    in reply to: Related products #86724

    Thanks for the walkthrough on how to add a sidebar to unique pages, however I knew about that method. Unfortunately, individual products pages do not show up in the list. Here’s an example of what I am trying to accomplish. There is one chair in our products that needs to have a list of downloadable PDFs in its sidebar, but they do not need to appear anywhere else on the Website. Currently, there is a single products widget, but anything you put in there ends up on all products. Can I get this to work the way I am requesting?

    Thanks Nick. I’ve since learned that a related products widget does not exists and it’s a huge undertaking to tweak the PHP files to make it work. Seems very short sighted of Woo to not already have such a widget. Oh well.

    in reply to: A few Flashlight questions. #79733

    Thanks Kriesi! That did the trick.

    in reply to: A few Flashlight questions. #79731

    Thanks Devin. Worked like a charm.

    Really needing help with the right sidebar not hiding with the rest of the content. Haven’t found anything on this int eh forums. Any ideas?


    in reply to: A few Flashlight questions. #79728

    Thanks for the response, Devin. Hiding the buttons and making the product thumbs the link worked like a charm. Thanks.

    I added the CSS for the transparent background for product and shop pages to my custom.css file, but no dice. Any idea why?

    in reply to: A few Flashlight questions. #79726

    Just realized that when I “hide sidebar & content” the right sidebar doesn’t hide. Example:

    in reply to: Remove Add To Cart in Product Slider #78099

    Thanks for this. Is there a way to turn off the animation for the “Show Details” button? Seem odd that it animates down now that the “Add to Cart” button is gone.

    Thank you! Very helpful.

    Thanks for the prompt response! It wold be awesome to have the width: 660px; globally applied to all WooCommerce pages. Is this possible? I’ll want them all to be uniform and if my client ever creates a new category page, it would be nice if they didn’t have to go do any CSS additions to make it look like the others. Is this possible?

    in reply to: Multiple Product Pages #63862

    For the life of me, I can’t get the individual pages that I set up to display like the default shop page. The thumbnails are smaller and the “Select Options” and “Show Details” buttons are all jacked up.

    Using: [product_category category=”seating” per_page=”9″ columns=”3″ orderby=”title” order=”desc”] on the page.

    Any help?

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