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  • Thanks Mike, that’s all sorted now. Much appreciated. Have a nice one.

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    Hi Victoria
    Thanks for looking into this. I’ve cleared the cache on my iPad and tried a different iPad… but the problem remains.

    The videos are supposed to load and play the same way that if you browse from a laptop or an iPhone, ie: you click on a piece of work (Masonry), then click on any picture with the yellow triangle (video) and this should load and play without the need for further interaction.

    As they don’t, on the iPad, the only way it kind of works is if the user touches the little cog on the right and the video loads. Then the user need to play of the Play bottom for the video to start. All very cumbersome and not very user friendly.

    How did you get to see those screes you sent me? Also if I place the videos on Youtube, the iPad plays fine. However, all my video are homed on my Vimeo channel, where I can customise the interface.

    Hope that helps and look forward to your advice.

    Thank you.


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    Hi there
    You already said this five days ago! (October 3, 2018 at 9:23 am)
    Why is this taking so long?
    Thank you.

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    Hi Ismael

    Thanks for the update. When should I reasonable expect a response from your colleagues? As you know this problem has been going on for a while, and I’m conscious of the time is taking. Thank you for your support so far.



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    Hi there

    Thank you for your reply.
    You say you reproduced the issue on the iPad, but then say that you don’t have IOS machine? I would certainly expect that you use an iPad to replicate the problem where I found it. If you don’t have an iPad, not every body does, at least can one of your colleagues who has an iPad to explore the issue properly and find a solution? Also, all my videos are in Vimeo not Youtube. Here you have the embedding code in case you need it., see below.


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    Hi Ismael

    My website is not down, it’s up and running.
    Please double check my details below, with new password.
    Looking forward to your reply asap.
    Thank you.

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    Hi Ismael

    That’s right, a picture at the top, a masonry element in the middle (with all the different campaigns) and an orange logo slide at the bottom.

    As I explained, when you click on any of the campaigns on the masonry element, ie: Sky experiential, this displays a page with three videos and eight pictures. Clicking on any of them, opens them in a slideshow where you can view them enlarged.

    They work and load fine when using a laptop or an iPhone. However, when using and iPad, whereas the pictures appear fine, the videos don’t display. Only a loading graphic appears but no video to be seen. You can see the examples on the links bellow.



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    Hi Rikard

    What do you mean ‘in private’. I’ve got no pages ‘in private’. All the pages are available for everyone to see.
    As I mentioned, all the videos linked on the work pages download and can be seen right away, by anyone, if they use a laptop or a mobile (ie: iPhone). However, using the iPad that doesn’t happen.

    Please note that all the work samples are part of a caroussel and the videos are part of that caroussel. The videos are embedded in Vimeo, and display a bar with a play/stop button, a quality control and a full page display option in the caroussel.

    However, users can’t see the video load and play it. They only see a loading image and the play bar indicating that a video is loading to play, which it never does.. Yet, if the press the ‘full image display’ option, then the video does play. But, it just doesn’t load automatically for everyone to view straight away, as it does on a laptop or a mobile…. nothing private about it.

    Hope that helps.

    0777 337 1289

    in reply to: Menu links don't work on Portfolio section #905674

    Hi Basilis

    Thank you for getting back to me.

    Before I wrote the request I spoke to a developer friend of mine who came up with very complicated and time consuming solutions for me to follow.
    That’s when I wrote the request for help. As this was very urgent, then I spoke to a different developer friend as well and she was able to fix it with instructions over the phone, in less that 3 minutes!

    For instance to access the ‘Me’ section from a portfolio item, all I needed to do is to add the full URL plus #Section ID as a custom link at the backend (Dashboard – Appearance – Menus – Menu Structure). Adding the full URL and correspondent #Section ID did it.

    I felt there had to be a simple solution for such great theme. Thank you for your help Basilis, have a good one.



    Oops, I meant…. For instance, I found this on Google……, but I wouldn’t know where to add it on, on which page or template.

    Thanks Basilis

    That thought already crossed my mind.

    However, and taking account the increasing number of people accessing web content through their mobiles, instead of their laptops or desktop, perhaps this could be a new option on your next Theme upgrade. Think about it….

    It would not only improve the User Experience but it would certainly help position your theme ahead of your nearest competitors. Most of them still think that websites should be designed with ‘desktop’ in mind first and ‘mobile’ second, at a time when Google themselves and current user trends are pointing on the opposite direction.

    All that being said, when I submitted my question I didn’t intend or expect, that you would change the theme itself. What I was hoping for is that you could point me in the right direction, ie: as what kind of code I needed, and in what page or template I could integrated it with, etc…

    For instance, I found this on Google… How To Create a Slideshow, but I wouldn’t know where to add it on, on which page or template.
    As you can imagine, I’m trying to keep my costs down to a minimum, hence me not calling a freelancer.

    Hope you understand and are able to help.



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