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    Awesome Elliott, thanks!

    Never mind, figured it out after a couple of hours of googling & reading :-)

    I changed your code to

    #top.woocommerce .post-title.big_title {

    font-size: 20px !important;

    line-height: 120%;


    And added this to custom.css.

    The site now displays correctly in Firefox (which it did before) as well as Chrome (which it didn’t).

    Thanks again!

    Kind regards,


    Hi Peter,

    Thanks! That seems to have done the trick! However, the resulting book pages now show slightly topped-off fonts in the heading at certain zoom levels (Google Chrome): for the topped-off font, for the 0 percent zoom view.

    I don’t see this at any other place in the website, regardless of zoom level.

    Kind regards,


    in reply to: woo commerce on Flashlight #90454

    Thanks to @marzas we’ve worked around this issue for now, I’ve added the following to custom.css:

    .entry-content { width: 93% !important; }

    I’d very much appreciate an official comment from one of the staff of if this ‘hack’ will get me into trouble elsewhere in the theme.

    Regards, Arjan

    in reply to: woo commerce on Flashlight #90453

    I did some further searching. It seems the product page refers to two different resolutions. I did some inspecting with Firebug. When, for example, I change the column width to 600 pixels (see posting above) part of the column is rendered in 600 pixels but there’s an inner element which is rendered 40 pixels larger. I’ve uploaded these screenshots including CSS references to my server:

    1) for the 640 pixels wide element

    2) for the 600 pixels wide element

    Having never edited CSS files until today, I am somewhat reluctant to go messing about with this myself (I did enlarge the column width but that was easy, following instructions on this very forum.)

    Does anyone have good advice on how to proceed next? I’d be much obliged.

    Kind regards,

    Arjan Dasselaar

    in reply to: woo commerce on Flashlight #90452

    I’ve changed the column width from 430 pixels to 600 pixels. This diminishes the problem but does not make it disappear, as you can see at Also check the reviews box – the star on the right gets ‘cut off’. And shouldn’t the grey box be ‘complete’?

    Can this be a border issue? I use custom settings (200 x 283) for catalog images in woocommerce but since the problem also manifests itself on pages without catalog images I fail to see how this could be an issue. Also, I found a third person on this forum with the exact same problem.

    Also, the other problem remains too: every time I edit a product page, the featured image disappears and I have to re-add it.

    Regards, Arjan

    in reply to: woo commerce on Flashlight #90451

    Dear Ismael,

    Regarding #3: I have the exact same problem, as you can see on

    I’d love to get a solution to this.

    I’m using your theme to build a website (very much in progress) to sell my books, and they need long descriptions.

    I’ve also noticed that on a number of occassions featured images simply disappeared from The last time was when I deleted an image which was displayed amidst the text of one product. Subsequently, both featured images disappeared.

    I can re-add them, of course, but I’ve noticed this a couple of times now (haven’t yet noticed a pattern). I’m wondering what’s going wrong.

    Kind regards, Arjan

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