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    Wow. I mean just wow. Thanks so much Mya! Fixxed and raring to go. Thanks so much for your help, at least now i’ve learnt and know what to do in the future. Sorry to stress such an embarrassingly simple question!



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    Ok, thanks Chris!

    Would you, Kriesi or Dude, happen to have a link to a tutorial as to how I might upgrade?

    I do not under any circumstance want to change the layout or look of my site the way it is now,

    and on theme forest it seems I can only re-download the entire theme again.

    Thanks again!

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    Hey guys,

    Mines broken too.

    Unplugged and replugged all of my plugins and no luck.

    This is the site :

    Basically now my Featured Image header at the top of the page won’t load,

    and also now all of the players which are attached to each and every post now don’t play any music,

    but just act as a download. Music is run through WPaudio (

    Any speedy thoughts would be awesomely appreciated!


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    AH HA! Pretty dippy question really, but at least now I understand it a little more.

    Thanks so much Dude, always a pleasure!

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    You are a HERO. Thanks so much dude, it works a treat!

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    Ok so no, actually the update has buggered up all the permalinks and now they wont work.

    what used to be – – (year/month/sample post) now will not work, and i cannot use the default setting as I need to use a cache and this requires a custom permalink to work.

    This also fails to work for the portfolio pages, as it cannot find any of the content on any custom urls other than default and brings up a 404.

    It is currently set to default.

    Thoughts would be greatly appreciated!


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    Thanks Dude, that worked a treat! However, now I have to have the permalinks set to default, and not on ‘month & name’ for them to work which is a little frustrating.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly. I’ve noted that tip for the future!

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    Thanks for the input James, that’s brilliant! Haven’t had much time recently to fix it, but will sit down at the weekend and get back to you.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Thanks for the help James, but im afraid the code didn’t work…

    This is what happens….

    The clutter at the top.

    Apart from that, the rest of the site seems to have sorted itself out!!?!

    Any help on the last problem would be brilliant. Thanks!

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    No worries, being daft. Thank you Dude

    in reply to: Slideshow – Image will not centre #35711

    Thanks Mansize, Im pretty rubbish at this kind of stuff, so need straight awswers!

    No worries about the logo, fixed it!

    in reply to: Content Slideshow #30450

    Forgive me, but i cant find this.

    I think i have the same problem, my images position only to the left. Not centrally, and not to the correct size.

    Any thoughts?

    Many thanks!

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    Thanks Dude, appreciate the help…. However, I’ve found that in a few places (Although i’m not exactly sure where to look) and nothing seems to happen…

    It still appears..!?

    Any thoughts?

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