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    Oh wow, the key master finally show up. Many thanks to your attention to my advise. However, would you mind to take a look at my twitter widget issue on Sentence Theme? Once again, thank you very much, Kriesi.

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    Dear Kriesi and Dude,

    I’m having the same trouble here, the “Sentence Twitter Widget” and “Sentence Twitter and RSS Counts Widget” are not working properly as it should be on my website (

    When I use the “Sentence Twitter Widget”, it says “No public tweets found”.

    In the other hand, I found out that there is only the RSS Count icon displayed while the Twitter Count won’t show up using the “Sentence Twitter and RSS Counts Widget.”

    Can you kindly advise me on how to fix this? Sentence is a good theme, and it’s unfortunate if the users, and I, are unable to use its facilities to the max.

    Looking forward to your kind and swift reply.



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    You are absolutely correct, Nik. However, you are missing my point here. What I was trying to say to Kriesi and his team was to figure out to make the Sentence Theme bundle not exceeding the php.ini uploading file size limit. Not all the purchaser of the theme has the knowledge on web, or other technicalities on basic programming language. Like me, I dont know how to enlarge the default size limit.

    It would be easier for the user of the themes purchased if kriesi could create themes within the file size limit. Wont you agree?

    But hey, I am just giving a constructive advise here for the better good of Kriesi’s creativity.



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    Thanks Chris. But for wordpress newbee like me actually prefers installation without hassle. I think Kriesi or you as the moderator could figure out the source of the problem and find the solution, therefore it wont happen again to someone else who bought this incredible “Sentence” theme.

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    Try this:

    1. Go to “edit post”,

    2. Then on the format box, click “video”

    3. In “Featured media”box, click “Add external Video by URL”

    4. Tweak your “Slideshow option” since you will upload more than one vid on the post.

    5. Click “Update”.

    Tell me whether your vids will work on the slider.

    One last thing, never put your embed vid url to the “upload/insert” icon above your rich text format option box.



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    Ok folks. Since that it takes time for Kriesi and his staffs to answer questions in this support forum, I googled “The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.”

    Eventually, I found a lot of information on how to fix this issue and it’s pretty easy. All you need is FileZilla, then click&drag your theme folder (how to get this: unzip your theme pack, unzip your theme, then you’ll get your theme folder) to wp-content>wp-themes directory. Afterwards, log in to your wordpress admin, then go to appearance>theme, there you’ll find that your theme has been installed. All you need to do next is to activate your theme, then voila!

    I wish that this info could provide enlightment to all readers in this forum.

    Nevertheless, two thumbs to Kriesi who founded the Sentence Theme. It’s a natural beauty of a theme.

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    Very informative. Thanks for the list!

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